Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In The Summer

   OK, I decided this song deserves a separated post because of its awesomeness. I'm waiting eagerly for INFINITIZE so I could fangirl over the booklet and I'm waiting for a hidden message:P I absolutely love everything about this album, I just can't express it (or better - I pity all my friends who have to patiently listen to all my massive Kpop spazz. Sorry to all!).

And since this is no longer a hidden track, I can spazz freely and spam everyone with this song. It's light, perfectly arranged and sung. It has nothing pretentious. awesome back up and chorus, Dongwoo singing, ah... The chorus is just perfect, perfect. Except for She's Back I love everything that these Big Dipper boys do (well, She's Back was my first song I heard and I went "meh").

This, my dear readers is, so far, the best song that officially appeared in 2012. And the way things in Kpop go, I don't see anything that will match this. Unless Infinite releases another album later this year, of kors.
Oh, and unless Jonghyeon releases a solo song, but please, not another "Girls" (Wheesung's cover) that was on live album, because it was just plain awful. AWFUL. I'd hang everyone who adds autotune to this voice. By the balls.

Anyway, this song plus blue sky outside make me really really fluffy and happy for no explainable reason.