Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dear K-Entertainment and fangirls!

Dear K-Entertainment and fangirls!

Not so long ago, although last year may seems to be like eons ago, one individual, surnamed Park, was classified as unable to actively serve for 2 damn years in the military. Few days ago, during a slow news week, this resurfaced. And, of course, it prompted many self-proclaimed till-death-do-us-part entertainment fangirls to buy rope to hang themselves, because all they read was “military service”. That reaction was fun though to read. But there is another group of fans that complain that every celebrity that is disappearing in the boots, serves not in the active camp (they clearly forgot about their precious will-remember-foreva!!1 oppa Hyeon Bin) but in the office.

The explanation of such situation is painfully simple (hey, I’m Miss Simple!) – it’s all precisely of K-entertainment and insane demands of fan(girl)s.
Kim Heecheol, from ridiculously talented 7653-member Super Junior is serving as the public service officer, and now hosting a radio show every Friday, which is fun to watch/listen to, really. It’s all because he had steel rods in his leg after the accident, and since then he doesn’t run, doesn’t take active part in dancing (?) of the group on stage. So yes, he’s one of them exempted from an active duty.
            Kim Namgil-nim is another. Because he had few accidents, hurt his back and severed Achilles’ heel that never healed properly. So he’s sorting out papers on the desk and keeps flowers wate… Nevermind...
            And now what? Another celebrity to serve as the public officer bum? The society can’t take this! Why such preferential treatment of the idols? And the answer is – exactly because they’re idols. Most of them have their health ruined by strenuous schedules, inhumane amount of work, accidents on film plans. There will be more of those who won’t be able to serve in the active camp. And all whining people should get used to it. There will be a flood of such kids going to military in few years. Just look at now-popular bands and their schedules. But fans demand more. Fans demand concert among koalas, so the agency prepares and dispatches their idols, so that the next day they can do a photo shoot in the Machu Picchu, and CF shoot in the evening back in Seoul.
Human body has limits, it’s just a friendly reminder to those who somehow think idols are above human capacity. Years of training made them stronger, but they’re not cyborgs.
            It’s agencies, work system, and fans’ fault that more and more idols won’t serve as the active camo-wearing happy grunt. So stop bitchin’ and demanding more and more from those kids. Some have asthma (like the one surnamed Park) and if anyone saw fancams of its attack on stage, won’t laugh anymore. Some have rods in their legs, and some have curls that need protection. So just reflect on the reason why idols don’t serve actively. It’s all because of the Entertainment. Entertainment is to blame.


P.S. To the one surnamed Park – stop being one of the biggest idiots and give up smoking, you moron!! Health should come first! That also goes for the one surnamed Kim!!