Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tablo saga

   Long time ago (2011) in a Galaxy far away (Korea)...

Tajinyo, the internet café that has continued to push suspicions regarding Tablo’s academic credentials, is in for a rude awakening.
The official documents proving Tablo’s academic history have arrived from America.
The justice department revealed in the hearing held on May 18 that the documents proving Tablo’s academic background have arrived from the related institutes, including those from Stanford University.

The justice department said, “The originals of Tablo’s diploma and acceptance letter from Stanford University, his SAT and AP records, etc. have all arrived from the related institutes, just as the accused (Tajinyo) had requested. We have also finished our examination of the papers.”

As such, Tajinyo’s side of the story has lost a great chunk of its credibility.

The Tajinyo members refused to approve some of the evidential documents and asked for Tablo to be brought into court, but the justice department dismissed the requests.

The prosecution also added a charge of contempt on top of the original charges for libel against Tajinyo.

In April 2011, Tajinyo had requested Tablo’s original diploma and acceptance letter from Stanford University, leading the justice department to ask Stanford University for the documents in June of the same year.

They expected the documents to arrive in six months and so scheduled the next trial to take place in December, but it was pushed back when the papers failed to arrive.

Now that the documents are here, however, the case is expected to go swiftly. The next hearing will take place on June 8

Somehow I don't believe that's the final episode of this gruesome, idiotic saga. I bet people start complaining that it took so long to comply with this request. 
This is how over-complexed netizens can ruin people's life.