Thursday, May 03, 2012

Queen In-hyun's Man

   Since my friends are evil and without any mercy, plus, they're good at teasing, I started to watch this drama. No, no drama, series. Yet again, tvN proves it can make visually great series. Yet again I proved to myself I'm a "first episode" girl. I loved the first episode. I loved it.
First thing first, I had no intention to watch it, knowing it won't be full sageuk, but a hybrid one, with the motif of 'time jump'. Poster for this drama, as I wrote someplace else, was enough to put me off. Plus, both leads were not actually my cup of tea. Somehow I couldn't see them in sageuk settings, Yu Inna - because she's too doll-face, Ji Hyeonwu - because he's too tall.
Stupid reason, I know, I'm full of stupid reasons just fine.

My friend's constant spazzing on twitter about this drama finally poked a hole in my head and I gave it a shot. And I'm more than happy I did (now, think where to squeeze it in the schedule).

The cinematography is distinctively tvN-ish. The fights are well organized and choreographed. The colors are vibrant and clear, yet they don't dominate over the picture, it's more of the harmony of colors.

And I especially liked those split screens, I know it may give headaches and it's seldom used in Kdramas, but it was used in cinema (rarely, but it was). Why this was such captivating for me? Well, dramas are not shot with using only one camera and angle. There are few on the set of a particular scene. But viewers got only the one that director choses. Here, we are served with few shots of one scene - it's practically putting in use all possibilities of cameras on the set. We see actors from different angles, not only from this one they look their best.

The beginning reminds me a bit of A-Ha and their Take on Me MV, yet I know those have nothing in common except for drawings. But since I'm reviewing my 80's music, forgive me^^' To prove it, I cut the opening and it will be below the whole post.

So many familiar faces in sageuks ^o^
  Now, since I wrote about similar motifs in Kdramas not that long ago, here we also have 'time jump' motif. Time gap is slightly over 300 years and starts in King Sukjong's reign (1674 to 1720). To just add, Queen Inhyeon was supported by Noron faction at the court, and it collapsed when she was deposed.

 So far, I'm pleased by everything, but it's been only 2 episodes. 'Time jump' motif is different from the one in Rooftop Prince, and used from the totally new angle. I don't want to argue which drama uses it better, in each it serves distinctly separated reasons.

 Such vibrant azure outfit only made in Joseon
So far, characters are not annoying, let's hope main lady and her ex-boyfriend remain on their very specific relation line - with inserting the needles where it hurts the most.

Such a well behaved young gentleman.

 This drama has its serious moments, but it also has its funny moments (oh, I know that in the latter half it will become more sombre, but I can live with that characteristic in Kdramas. On the side note: if I was bothered by every single thing that 'bothers' me, I'd stop watching dramas long time ago. All I can't stand is bad acting and bad script. Anything else I can take).

  I laughed my elbows out (no joking, I hit it on the table. Hmm... table... new drama with Kim Hyun-joong is approachig, like btw ^^) on that particular scene above. Because yeah, it's a daily view in Seoul - young woman talking to the sewer, and bowing to it with gratitude. Frankly, she should be grateful no one called nice guys with a non-fashionable jacket to put her in.

   The drama, as I said, is shot like a movie, using movie technique (slow-motion, similar to ADHD camera work in Chuno, only without the frozen effect) and props. 
I can't say anything about music yet, we'll see more. 
Gotta love cable TV there!

And the opening, as promised: