Sunday, May 13, 2012

All entertainment agencies to be inspected

Few years too late, but it's better too late than never.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced Wednesday that it will seek legislation to prevent the sexual abuse an exploitation of trainees at entertainment agencies.

The move comes after the chief executive officer of the Open World Entertainment was arrested last month for having sexually assaulted 11 girls who were training as singers or actresses at the agency.

“There is no system that protects trainees or star-wannabes from owners and staff members of agencies who force them to have sex.” said Kim Gap-su, director general in charge of the Cultural Content Industry Office at the ministry. “Of course, hallyu, or the Korean wave, contributed to boosting national brand power but abusive practices targeting young star-wannabes in the pop-culture industry have to be rooted out immediately.”

The ministry will inspect all entertainment agencies to check whether they are involved in unfair practices against trainees in collaboration with Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association and the Korea Entertainment Management Association.

The two private organizations will also form task forces to cooperate with the government. The task forces will collect basic information on music video makers and training management agencies, such as what kinds of businesses they are doing, and how many trainees and entertainers they have,