Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm seeing wooden people...

   They don't know they're wooden...
I understand some people may not like me, I wouldn't like me too if I was a 15-yo who can barely read more than one page. The thing is, when I like/love/admire, I do this with every cell in my body. But when I hate, it's exactly the same. I don't usually write much, or very little, on those whom I admire to the end and beyond (I like a lot of people, but admire a handful), but I vent my hatred on those I dislike. Why? Because it amazes me how on Blue Mother Earth such talentless creatures can get popularity. Oh well, popularity we're talking about.

   Having said that, let's move to the main point. I hate Jin Se Yun. I'm not hating her as a person though, maybe she rescues orphaned pandas in her spare time and is an angel for all I care, I don't meet her for a coffee every 5 pm. I hate her as a mediocre, not, HORRIBLE actress, and only on professional level. This girl absolutely CAN'T act, and I won't change my opinion on that. It's the second drama I'm forced to watch with her, and I damn fast-forward her every scene (when she's not with Jihun, of kors, in this case I just gnaw on some old bone I found in my cave). Since 2010 it's her 6th drama. Busy girl, huh?
That's the problem, you see. She jumped from Gaksital to Five Fingers, having two dramas at the same time shooting. And she just jumped in without any visible change neither in the character she's playing nor the way of playing it. She's the same. Well, fact that she's playing similar lamb-among-the-thorns character is certainly an easy way to do it.

   I thought acting was an art of creating a memorable character, and not merely remembering the lines and delivering them. 
She was scouted because she rose to top through Gaksital and of course having "hot" actress on board helps every drama, especially when scandals around unfolded.
Is Korea really that barrren with young but talented actresses? I bet there are girls who are not concerned about "looking byootifool even in the moment of dying", but can deliver the emotions and show some acting. 
Most of the young, poster-pretty girls (all natural beauties of kors) play exactly the same characters, in exactly the same way, so they shouldn't blame anyone if in 20 years no one would remember their characters or them, in fact.
And now I have to swallow all my words about idols - because some can act better than those who have only "actor" in their résumé. Period. Oh, OK, with the exception of The Table and The Carp, that is.

I could fast-forward her and Ju Won, and their characters' One Twue Wuv on screen, and I hoped that's the last time I can see, her but now I fear I won't have that luxury. Karma is a bitch.

Some harsh words here? Excuse you, but I bashed, bash and will bash some talentless people who pretend to be artists. That's all. I just write about their professional attitude anyway, because, as I said - I'm not having lunches with them and I don't care how great of a person they are. They suck in acting/singing and that's all I care and write. OMG, Keun Suck falls into two categories at once :P

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