Saturday, September 22, 2012

Confession of Murder

One of them is creepy here. And it's not my JJY this time...
   Well, that would be mine, if this movie doesn't come my way any time soon. I realized that it takes a lot of patience to be me, waiting and waiting. And waiting some more. For movies, series, albums... Or maybe it's just that I really have no luck with men whatsoever. However, I prefer them doing one drama/movie per year (or one album every 4 years!!) than releasing anything/touring which just keunsucks. Whatever.

My fangirl heart has limist.
I posted some time ago few stills, and to be honest, neither Daum nor Naver released anything more.
Naver only states that screening of this movie starts in November 2012.
Few more photos are also on Daum page.

This is fanmade, nothing official, but I list it here anyway.

This is BTS, also not oficial, I guess: