Monday, September 17, 2012

Music report - September 17th

   I desperately need few albums of some men, desperately, but I don't see it happening any time soon. Eh. 
End of wailing. So I'm after listening to Melon Charts TOP 100, which is a brainwashing process, believe me (yet I still do it every two weeks). And since I need to renew my Naver music account (haven't used it since 2010) and phone number is not accepted, I'm a bit pissed right now. Among those TOP 100 there were 2 (sic!) new songs that caught my attention. Urban Zakapa's song is not that new though, I probably mentioned it on twitter some other day. But I list it here nonetheless.

   None of the comebacks or debuts actually stands out enough to make me write anything positive about it. And we had already over 40+ debuts this year, and it's only middle of September. Maybe I could make a list. Here it goes, BTOB song Wow is nothing outstanding, and I swear, if I hear "swag" one more time I... (for reference look at the post below this one and ending picture). It does give oldskul vibes, but I don't have to love it just cause of that, plus 15-yo looking kids trying to be smooth... G-Druggin's mini-album disappointed me and even cray cray MV for Crayon can't fix it. BAP's Crash is another pop, nothing more. And since I was never FTIsland fan, I Wish won't turn me into one.

   As you know, I don't pay attention to girls groups, but this time I didn't skip (much), Orange Caramel, Kara and T-Ara's songs sound like a rainbow sugary crap and I need to see my dentist. And I wanted to like BoA's comeback songs, but I just can't force myself. There's something lacking, and I guess there's not enough steam in those songs. The same with Baek Ayeon.

어반 자카파 (Urban Zakapa) - 니가 싫어

This is actually not a new song, but quite a pleasant one. I don't know how I missed it last time, or maybe it wasn't on TOP 100, can't remember.

길미(Gilme) - 내가 먼저(Me First)(Feat. 은지원(Eun Ji-won)) MV

And last, can't remember if I posted it: awesome UV video featuring true man rocker that is Yun Dohyeon^^ And even if I did post it, I don't caaare, I post because I can! absolutely NOT for their vocal skills (except for YDH), but for the lulz.

UV - 그 여자랑 살래요 (Feat. 윤도현 of YB) I Want to live with her 


Waiting for the next episode, to be honest :D

2BiC(투빅) _ LOVE AGAIN (feat.Ailee) MV 


That would be all, thank you for attention^^