Sunday, September 02, 2012

Wow, Fantastic Baby!

   This is all I have to say about this season's dramas. Of course not everything is perfect, they could have been even more meticulously done, but it's not like we're watching documentary series, right?
If someone wants to see how a society behaves or how big companies work, one should watch maybe Planete, or read some sociology articles/books. If someone expects from a drama a 100% identity with the real life, well, I have some bad news for them.

   Using this opportunity, I want to mention this one 99.9% perfect drama that makes me neglect other series and forces me to rewatch it (what I do, since I became its biatch). And since it's such a demanding one, I have to Answer To 1997.
This series is close to being perfect, from casting, lighting, filming, music score, everything. And every episode ends with such a way, Tuesday seems to be an unreachable future. One thing keeps me from calling it a 100% ideal series. The question who is the husband of Shiwon. They play us for a fool, they troll us on a big scale, they show us something and then hint to 3 people at best. Guessing will probably burn my synapses down.

   I'm only after second episode of Five Fingers, but I know I will follow this drama to the bitter end even.
And I'm not even hiding why I madly waited for this - it's Jihun. What really makes me nervous is the whole scandal around T-ara and kicking off Eunjung like that. I came to terms with that after initial hesitating. And then they kicked her out and replaced by fresh-to-business-but-dead-faced wooden log who annoys not only me in Gaksital. Damn, she's the reason I'm holding off this otherwise awesome drama. I don't mind love story, hell naw, but not that idiotic, and not that horribly acted on actress' behalf whose name I don't care to remember.
Uff, rant's over.
So yes, Five Fingers is beautifully filmed, using similar movie technique. So far up to episode 3 Jihun appeared only as a homicidal sociopath at the horrible beginning of the episode 1. Waiting for Jun Nomin to make an appearance too^^
And last but definitely not least - music. MUSIC!! People, the score is packed with wonderful, classical music!

   And the last one is Faith. I'm enjoying this although I do feel suffocated sometimes. I can't actually express it, but those 5 episodes, I somehow managed to catch up with, are kind of heavy. No, not heavy, that's not the right expression... tense. No, also not that. I do watch it with pleasure yet it lacks some spark, some flair. That's my only problem with that drama, because music is nice, actors are nice, settings are nice, Minhot kicks people like a man that he is, fights are neatly choreo-ed and filmed (I do like to watch a nice fight) and characters are well presented. I like Queen Noguk, she's not limpy, weak ivy woman who cries and panics hanging at man's shoulder, but she's a reasonable young woman with a strong will.
Oh well, will probably hang out until it ends.

Still have Arang to try out. And Song Junggi's drama is coming, plus Vampire s2... and I have to catch up with Gaksital, but I won't do it on my sober mood.
I can see my local store will be soon out of coffee. Or booze.