Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is This Summer?

   Before we dive into some new/not new music, please remember the awesomest ever movie Three Musketeers (1973) and the scene when d'Artagnan had to sell his "horse". Now read the title along the old man's intonation. You get the resignation now?
Adopting my amazing friend's viewpoint, I'm trying to listen to the new album as if the previous ones didn't exist. It's also kind of adopting of what Banana Yoshimoto demands with her books - every time a new one is released, she asks bookstores to remove previous ones from the shelves. It's a very postmodernist approach, right?

   Lots of new albums lately. With dramas and this stupid thing called "real life", I couldn't keep up, however managed to catch up with everything. My beloved Pastel Music released Sogyumo Acacia Band's new album, so I decided I have the impending articles up my ankle and want to write about the music I was listening to lately. I'm becoming boring with this constant blabbering about music, right? I know, I care not.

Anyway, Sogyumo Acacia Band, classified as dream pop, dream rock, indie (I particularly hate the last term), released new album and well, it's very Pastel Music-ish.

[MV] 소규모 아카시아 밴드 - 순간 (앨범 'Slow Diving Table' 중에서)

   There's the thing with Acacia... it may be boring to some poeple, I know. But I'm a person who enjoys 30+ minutes of Mike Oldfield suites on Crisis, and swoons over Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It's soft and, well... pastel. Although I hate pastel colors in real life, I love Pastel Music label.

YB returned with a new album and I sense someone is happy. Are you? Well, YB and YDH is rock, so the tempo and lines totally different from Acacia.
My favorite song from the new, 9th album Reel Impulse, title: 오늘 나는 윤기사

It's the bass. It's always the bass line.
Since we're on YDH, I don't listen to No Brain much (cause vocalist's singing is erh, well...), but what they did on latest MUST Band Times was epic!

Aaaaand Broken Valentine (for rock lovers only, oh and for ladies who like nekkid guys. OK, not only ladies, let's not discriminate):

I wrote once when VoK2 was airing I fell in love with Yun Seong-ki. I tracked down his band Human Race (Naver music FTW!!) and one MV I present here, that is Insomnia.

 And maybe another song of Human Race:

Any Kpop updates? I changed sides and instead of Melon charts I'm listening to Mnet charts from now on every two weeks. Weirdly enough, B1A4's 이게 무슨 일이야 is my jam and I honestly can't explain it (yeah, Jinyoung helps, also it's not like Sandeul can't sing, cause he can). Since I'm a sucker for ballads: 비스트 - 괜찮겠니. And despite SHINee's Green Rain MV is the gheyest ghey Kpop has seen this month, there is one good moment (repeated) in the song that made me put it higher (in terms of performance) than Hello. Yes it's the undulating long note at the end of every refrain/chorus.

See, I'm not as biased as I may seem.