Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday Part 03

This time, something maybe less eclectic than the first installment, and R'n'B free.
This Thursday is made entirely of instrumental pieces. No vocals. Mostly soundtracks.

First, Quantic - Time is the Enemy.

Granted, I have a love relationship with GY!BE, so I like practically everything. The song below is an almost 18-minutes long suite, but trust me, it's worth listening to. Part of this was used in the movie 28 Days Later, and was one of the best things in it.

Godspeed You Black Emperor - East Hastings:

Craig Armstrong - Finding Beauty:

Not sure how long this will stay on YT, but here you have, another suite, this time coming from master Oldfield, Taurus 2:

Bernard Herrmann - Fahrenheit 451 Suite:

Mitch Miller - The River Kwai March:

Elmer Bernstein - To Kill A Mockingbird Theme suite:

Max Steiner - 1. Fanfare/Main Title 2. Love Scene/Finale (Now, Voyager):

Miklos Rozsa - Ben Hur suite:

And I just have to push one last music piece onto all of you, whether you want it or not. From one of my most beloved movies: Dmitri Tiomkin - Commodus Parade: