Monday, April 30, 2012

K-OSTs taxes

   The taxes period is ending here. This is why I thought about writing a post highlighting some of the OSTs of the past 4 months. And again - it's personal, subjective and biased.
Music is a strange thing, even stranger than a picture. It may move us one second and leave cold at the different moment in our life. The same piece may bring memories to one person, and do nothing to another.
This is why I like some of the crappiest songs ever, and higly-esteemed blues singers leave me cold.

   Yes, fully knowing that Chajatta is... well, not that great, I still like it for the injection of sunshine, happiness and joy it gives me every time.

The songs are not in any particular order, although two songs are played the most on my player already^^
I really like ballads, because in a slow song one can show his/her real voice. This is why I can't trust heavy, catchy tunes. It's easy to be overshadowed by beat. I know one of my friends (only one?) thinks otherwise, and when we were coming from the conference last week, she gave me that look full of contempt when I said that. Eh...

Although I dropped this drama after 3 episodes, I'm seriously considering picking it up. And no, I don't like L (Myeongsoo):


The next one, I mentioned Bubble Sisters once. And one of them, Young Ji sang this funky, upbeat song (ladies have good voices too):


This one it's because it's Minki:

Lee Geonyul from drama Yellow Boots:

Of course snarky Kyuhyeon and his Rain of Blades for drama Mushin:


Of course Eeteuk and Key and their Bravo for Salaryman Story:


I caught myself humming this all along the course of the drama.

Ali and Rooftop Prince:

Oh Manseok:

 No Jonghyeon/TEI songs this past 4 months. Draught.