Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lee Gak is an idiot

Another take on this drama by Asiae.
I noticed funny fact with their reviews lately. They became moderate ones, and the review of Love Diva Rain is written in a really amusing way - the author of it clearly didn't want to bash the episodes, but tried to find anything that could be praised.

In Brief
Park Ha’s portrait, which is drawn by Tae-yong (Park Yuchun) in the states two years ago, have been finally found. Despite endless doubts from Tae-yong’s family, accusing Park Ha as a gold digger, she keeps the secret of Lee Gak’s (also played by Park Yuchun) identity. Lee Gak explains that he had stayed at her rooftop because he is in love with the girl. Meanwhile, Sena (Jung Yu-mi) confesses her love to Lee Gak and though Park Ha knew that Sena reincarnated from being Lee Gak’s wife in the Joseon Dynasty, she also shows her feelings toward him.

Best or Worst
Best: Whether it is the truth or lie, Sena and Park Ha both like Lee Gak. Though he has a clear goal of marrying Sena in order to go back to the Joseon Dynasty, he has been building his romantic feelings for Park Ha, based on their trust they had since he has arrived in the 21st century. Inevitably, Lee Gak’s feelings get more complex as the relationship with her develops. Last night’s episode showed how Lee Gak’s feelings change when he is the one who is grabbing the key of the three’s destiny. The characters’ lines from “Rooftop Prince” may be boring but through symbolic objects, the drama directly showed the change of Lee Gak’s attitude towards the two female characters. The portrait Tae-yong drew two years ago paved the way for the two to trust each other more, but his romantic feeling later targets Sena, who helped had him find his handkerchief. Telling the viewers once again that the series is based on the characters’ recalling their memories, “Rooftop Prince” is wisely using the portrait and handkerchief, which both helped the characters establish stronger bond, for their love stories in the present time.
  • Reporter : Lee Ga-on. 
  • Editor : Monica Suk. 
 Here, our 2012-favorite evil character:

Tumblr people really know how to hate someone with a passion.