Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring with dramas

   It's hard to follow certain tumblrs and not to get exposed to spoilers. Fans who have lots of time and software in their hands mercilessly spam the dash with gifs. I don't complain, since I'm pretty much indifferent to spoilers. Knowing the ending doesn't ruin the watching for me. Au contraire! It sometimes puts my heart at ease. It's not the case with currently airing dramas, though. We just have to bear with Devil-spawn that is Sena and wait until Lee Gak will finally stop being such a blockhead.
But this post is not about Rooftop Prince that is proudly reigning (sic!) on my watchlist, it's brilliant in many aspects. And since many of my friends say otherwise, it's more than predictable I'd say that.
Also, I never run out of ideas what to watch, I don't squeal for recommendations as many morons on D-A, I don't have draught seasons too. Dramawiki is mah friend and synopsis is more than enough to... make me curious, yeah (sung along SHINee's Sherlock, dammit...)

   All ladies should rejoice, because the idiot hottie (Kim Jisuk) from Chuno will be back with I Need Romance 2. I don't care about the plot or anything of such stuff, all I care is - different ending from that of the first season!! This is why I loved 12 Men in a Year - they showed turbulent parting with a loved one, but final. And the reason for that wasn't that heavy at all - at first it was a misunderstanding, but this craquelure evolved into bottomless fissure and nothing could fill it - nor the genuine pain of main male character, nor the genuine confusion of main female character. This drama showed "moving on", even against your own will. 
And since the characters are all different - I'm ready!

So yes, I Need Romance 2 is the first spot on my "anticipated drama list". The rest is just in a random order, because in every one of them there is something that bugs me.

   Time Slip Dr Jin - I didn't like the 2 (and only) japanese episodes of the drama I watched - Dr Jin. The market, I think, is already saturated with "time travel" motif. But even if used for the nth time, if used wisely and creatively, it can be good. I don't miaoul about concurrent motifs in Kdramas. 
Kim "Ceiling Cat" Jaejung doesn't bother me, he's cute and his acting was quite enjoyable in Protect the Boss. But in this drama also Song Seung-hun is listed, and I know that I'm not alone in my dislike towards this man's acting. Well, his abs can act, that is fact, but he himself cannot, and I don't care if some fans are now assemblying the stake. This is this thing that bothers me in this drama. Kim Beomsu doesn't disappoint either, so I'm ready for this one as well.
Few days ago Jin Ihan joined the cast (the lousy CEO of talent agency in What's Up!)

I Do I Do - Kim Seona should be the only one reason but no, there is Park Geon-hyeong listed as well, and I'd like to stop here.What bugs me here is that he will probably be the second lead, and Kim Seona being emaciated again.
I'd like to see Bridal Mask, but - and I really can't explain why - Park Kiwung scares me. He may be the cutest human being in a normal talk, but I don't dare to approach. Period.