Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lucky Germany T^T

TV series "Padam Padam," "Kimchi Family" and "Syndrome," which had aired on JoongAng Ilbo's general programming cable channel JTBC, have been sold to Germany.

KLIKSAT, a satellite broadcasting channel in Germany, has bought the distribution rights of the three dramas, the broadcaster's publicist announced through a press prelease on Wednesday.

"It's quite meaningful to have sold our contents to a broadcaster located in Europe," strategic marketing team leader Kim Tae-hee said in the statement.

With the deal between the two firms, "Padam Padam" have been sold to 11 countries including Germany so far.

JTBC announced in December last year that the distribution rights to "Padam Padam" and "Kimchi Family" have been sold to Japan's TV Asahi, which marked the series as the first two to be sold overseas as general programming dramas.

All three shows have been well-received by TV audience and critics and recorded relatively high numbers of viewership ratings as dramas on a general programming channel