Monday, April 02, 2012

From me to you^^

   Last week was very busy in K-Entertainment. SMEnt finally revealed they will debut their EXO group, which is famous for 75654 billions of teasers starting from December, or even earlier. Don't care much for the group.
And Princess got herself an official website. Nothing new, some others, even though they are not in the showbiz for 20 years, have it, so why Galactic Empress shouldn't have one? I guess YouTube is not enough these days. No profit from it, eh?

Oh yes, and Game of Thrones started :P'''

On the drama front? Nothing new, I didn't start anything that I haven't written about, except for The Equator Man, but since it's an OK drama, and nothing there fancies me enough to write - I'll just pass it.

Yesterday, Infinite boys had their concert broadcasted live on YT. The whole broadcast started at 3 pm KST, so around 8 am here. But the real concert started 2 hours later, and - just like Woolliment promised - 5 songs live. Well, it wasn't that live, cause they had some minutes delay, yet nothing's hurt. I was happy. This will have to do until they come to Europe and I: a) will have the time, b) will have the money.
During this concert, Korean official ball of sunshine (except for Chunnie), that is Dongwoo, had a solo. Nothing too exciting? Oh well, this precious being is a rapper, but he sang. And he sang really good. If I may be cruel, he nailed singing better than Yeollie (whom I love nonetheless too).
But this actually prompted my rusting mocking machinery to start operating. 
See, The Galactic Princess Lala Amidala, our Diva, will be releasing full album soon. Given that she/he can't sing, this will be an achievement to convince people otherwise. Oh yes, yes, in the studio everyone can sing, even me. But live, he can't carry a tune for life. So I find it quite amusing that some people know their limits and boundaries, and some think they can do everything. 
Our ball of sunshine at least knows he's a terrible "actor" with no skills whatsoever, so he doesn't attempt to act (someone please say the same to Myeongsu...).
And our Diva is of kors multitalented, 12765% above the average artist.
Just know your limits, pal. Oops, I forgot, Ego knows no limits.

Other news?
Some of you heard that 2 weeks ago debuted this new group NU'EST (like tons of others). I wouldn't report it if it wasn't for both journalists' stupidity and their own lack of experience.
They were asked "what they think of sasaeng fans". and their answer was: "But the fans do this because they like us. I don’t think that sasaengs are that bad in my opinion. This could happen if you like someone a lot. it’s fascinating for us".

OK. Let me get this straight - so when you like someone, you break into their house, kiss them in their sleep, steal the seal for marriage certificate, take pics and use their towels? Those are means of "liking", fine.
Journalists are dumb as a wet mortar. Why they ask a nugu group that debuted 2 weeks ago about sasaeng fans?? They barely have normal fans, and it's obvious they don't say a bad word on any fan just to not get labeled as "rude".
But if those boys really think that sasaeng psychos are just perfectly fine - be my guest. Let's talk again in 3 years, when you won't have the chance to meet with family cause of them. Of course if you'll survive in Kpop industry this long.

And now, for a treat, few real life situations from some fora. I miaouled few times already that we are living in some ball-less, effeminate, eunuch society, playing with dolls and pink ribbons. If someone defended JYJ in their cases, such people were called also violent psychos that need treatment. Because we just HAVE to say what is forced upon us to think.
- it's bad to mention you like to eat meat. All of us have to be vegetarian, or better - vegan. I have better solution - feed on cosmic energy and air.
- if someone writes that gros of the comments are written by people that don't understand the problem in the topic, or they have no idea about it, the answer is one - You are soooo roooood!!
This is actually true story, I can't tell which forum it was on, but there was a topic about SMEnt giving their artists shares to buy have. Since I have no knowledge whatsoever on this, I'm not even trying to make up my mind and write. It's kinda shady as everything that SMEnt does, but it's not the point. So one user, who said she/he studies economics, wrote that people on the board don't know what they are writing. And the answer was - wow, it's rude.
O---key, moving on.
- it's a great thing to mindlessly bash any religion you think you know because your Grandma and neighbours are following. The fact you grew up in ie. a christian community doesn't mean you know all about it. You probably know less than 5% about it and all of your "religious knowledge" is based on hearsay, your own shallow observations and biased view. We usually hate what we got accustomed to. 
I wish people could understand the difference between faith and religion, between faith and system or hierarchy. 
So, I advise you read all writings, not wikipedia, study theology and then we can talk. Of course if iPad generation will get through a text longer than 10 pages.
- you can't say a bad word about Kpop legends. Just can't. No reason, you just can't.

Great week that was.
Have fun, good readers, this upcoming week.

NU'EST quote translation credits:
Article Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels
Translation Credits: bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels