Tuesday, December 22, 2020

KBS Drama Special 2020: My Lilac

This is an homage to Super Junior's immortal choreo.

It was a bit formulaic in the general plotline and technical aspects, however the clue of the story was nicely presented and everyone learned their lesson.


We meet Ra Jin-seong who used to work as a lookalike of the famous singer Ra Il Rak, under the pseudonym "Ra Yi Rak" and right now is a taxi driver. Because he's visually twin of the singer who since few years, has secluded from the limelight, it leads to many situations where he's mistaken for the singer. When Ra Il Rak decided to end his career, he asked Jin-seong to also stop appearing as his lookalike and sing his songs and the man agreed.


The trail of errors leading to catharsis starts when Kang Yeon-wu proposes to Ra Shinhye. She works at the art gallery as docent, guiding the guests through the paintings of Lee Min-kyeong, her snobby and rich acquaintance (who never loses an opportunity to belittle her) who discovers - to her shock and disgust - that Shinhye is dating Yeonwu. So the usual plot to ruin somebody's happiness ensues.

One day Yeonwu meets Shinhye's father and of course mistakes him for Ra Il Rak and the two can't bring themselves to correct him. And then Shinhye asks Jin-seong something she abhorred since childhood - she asks him to pretend to be the real Ra Il Rak. So the man, after initial refusal (remembering the promise he gave to the singer) agrees to continue the charade knowing well they can be busted.

And so they meet Yeonwu's parents and Jin-seong even agrees to sing at his Grandma's 80th Birthday, but when he leaves after the recital, in the hotel lobby he meets... the real Ra Il Rak. As we can guess - it was all done by Minkyeong who wanted to expose Shinhye and her father as frauds. So she contacted the retired singer, who lives in California, paid for his plane ticket and informed him that his lookalike is still making money off his image.

However, the confrontation did not go the road that Min-kyeong has planned. Shinhye learned why her father never started his own musical career - actually he was on the verge of going on his own when he was scammed under the pretenses of recording an album. That's why he couldn't send Shinhye abroad to study art as she wanted, and that's why they never had money. Shinhye hated the fact that her father was the fake singer who couldn't venture after his own dreams, meanwhile Jin-seong felt guilty that because of his failure Shinhye had to give up on her dream to become an artist.

And also the real Ra Il Rak admitted that he was at fault and selfish by demanding that Jin-seong stop his impersonation after he ended his career. He had no right to demand this and he admitted that this request might cause some harm. Min-kyeong didn't get the Shinhye's humiliation to the degree she wanted, only Grandma fainted.
As Shinhye left her job, she also returned the ring to Yeongwu, who was ready to start afresh, because he participated in the overwhelming guilt saying that it happened because Shinhye couldn't trust him. Shinhye admitted to her own inferiority complex and it was probably that's why she never wanted to invite him over, because his family was all doctors and her father was a fake singer.

The words she spoke to him are probably the most important sentence of this episode and we all should maybe remember this more often - we should learn to love ourselves. Without it, all of our complexes might be used against us.

From Hancinema

I cut and give you the Sorry Sorry song that ends the drama. There is a full MV on youtube if you want. Super Junior will never die. The song belongs originally to Ahn Seong-hun.