Tuesday, December 01, 2020

[Advent Drama Calendar 2020] Day 1: Which drama was your favorite of the year?

Again this year I am participating in the wonderful project created by Luthien (big thank YOU for your questions). This is a great way to reflect back on the year of watched dramas.

This was actually hard and I didn't expect to be met with such a question on the very first day. Reflecting on the dramas I watched, I have to choose 3 I tremendously enjoyed. Because I can't choose one, there were so many dramas that I really enjoyed this year.

1. How To Buy A Friend (2020)

I don't write drama reviews often these days, so when I do - it means the drama has stuck with me and I liked it. I wrote the REVIEW for it, because I liked every minute of these 4 episodes. 

2. Nobody Knows (2020)

I may not have written the review of it, but this dark, gripping tale about the pure evil, smirking and benevolent, that walks among us, corrupting and thwarting everything around itself was almost cathartic. 

3. Chief Kim (2017)

I went through it with the grace and poise of a thirsty cow feeling the stream. Which is a testament of how invested I was into this, seemingly bizarre, story about the corporate life, how to stay true to your beliefs and the redemption arc, wonderful Namgoong Min's acting.
But yeah, mostly Junho.

Honorable mentions:

Never Twice


Into The Ring