Sunday, December 06, 2020

[Advent Drama Calendar 2020] Day 6: Which drama was a disappointment?


Oh boy, this time it was easy.

1. Rugal (2020)

Huge disappointment with everything - miscast actors, poorly written script, intrigue weak as the spider's piss. We were promised cyborgization and we got badly planned organization and revenge story. And the idea isn't entirely bad.
2. Alice (2020)
Oh boy, if I had the willpower I would write such a nice hate-review of this one. Watching it was equally fascinating to watching a dumpster fire - some morbid curiosity keeps you at place even though the stench is overwhelming. Time travel drama that wanted to follow Alice in The Looking Glass, but the writer woke up one day from an afternoon slumber and said to himself like Neo of Tv reborn: I know quantum physics. And for 16 episodes proved time and again that nope - they don't. If time travel makes the main character to dangerously fall into radioactive fall of the incest - no problem - SLAM the parallel world onto it and it's done. That's how it "worked".
Kwak Si-yang being the only saving grace here.
3. Giri/Haji (2020)
It was bloated, boring, made no sense and badly acted. I dropped it.

Dishonorable mention:
Star Trek Discovery 3. We watched 2 seasons with wazjadwiga and it was a journey down, 3rd season being the nonsensical string of words that were supposed to be sentences and they were supposed to be used in scenes which also made no sense. So we dropped.