Tuesday, December 08, 2020

[Advent Drama Calendar 2020] Day 7: Which couple did you love?


Oh boy, again it was easy.

1. Jeong Geum-ja and Yun Heejae (Hyena 2020)

They met through Geum-ja's deception that led to a genuine partnership and comfort.

2. Gu Sera and Seo Gong-myeong (Into the Ring, 2020)
The chemistry was so on point here I often wondered what part of the scene was scripted and what was an adlib. We had protective "Sera-wants-Sera-gets" heroine and a quiet, supportive lad. Perfect.
3. An Jangmi and Oh Yangcheon (Live, 2018) 

They could rely on each other and not even the divorce could put a dent on it. Or maybe even it helped them, in a way.