Friday, December 11, 2020

KBS Drama Special 2020: The Reason Not to Confess

This season of DS is slow and meditative and this episode can be summed up with: good things come to those who wait.
Which is true only in such optimistically ended episodes.
There was not much substance in this episode and I am unsure whether I liked the message, but that's only my opinion and people may feel uplifted after watching this. Our protagonists meet when Yunchan decides to join the running club at the university and her eyes linger on Jihu, a shy and reserved student who also belongs to the club and also is its unofficial-official photographer. He will later pursue this line of career.

Jihu is also swept by the cheerful and energetic Yunchan, however he's very reserved in expressing his feelings. He doesn't want to start any relationship, because he has his Parents' failed marriage as the model, and he thinks what's the point of starting something if only it is going to end. That's why Yunchan's words about him are so true, she says that it's comfortable for him to hide behind the camera lenses, to be only the observant and he CHOSE this. And I think this can also resonate with many people who avoid doing something for fear of the failure. "The prosperous inevitably decline, the full inevitably empty" (盛者必衰、実者必虚, jōsha hissui, jissha hikkyo) as Heike monogatari reminds us ad nauseam, can be also applied to Jihu's fear of things ending.

They meet again after 7 years when Yunchan hires Jihu as the photography tutor. And she comes back to test and try whether he still has feelings for her and more - whether she does. And finally after much deliberation, Jihu admits to his feelings.

I liked the quiet narrative of this episode and yet I can't say I liked the episode as a whole. Yes, we all fear the ending of things, relationships, etc., but at the same time Jihu was very passive, he didn't explain the misunderstanding that resulted in Yunchan dating Eunhyeok and going abroad with him. He just... observed how life passed him by.

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