Friday, December 25, 2020

[Advent Drama Calendar 2020] Day 23: Which drama had the best soundtrack?

Impossible to chose just one. Many dramas had one or two, or twelve pieces I liked, so I'll present just a sample. 

1. Gaho - Start. Because it's energetic. And because it's Gaho.


Giriboy - Hyena. The whole OST deserves to be here, frankly. 

Chanyeol & Punch - Go Away Go Away. I am stil slightly obsessed with it. 

Nafla - My Friend
Kang Seung-yun - Can You Hear Me
SAAY - Happiness
The Rose - Strangers
O.WHEN - No Regret 
Hong Isak - Close Your Eyes
Jun & Chan - Where You Are
Woosung - You Make Me Back 
Elaine - Fallin'
Jeong Yeop - Doors of Time 
Poetic Narrator - Who I Strolled With 
Yi Seung-yeol - Till The End 
Hye Lim - It's Gone (Chip In, 2020)
Doko - Psycho

Jeebanoff - It's Too Hard For Me 


And of course countless instrumental scores from lot of dramas (like Search, but couldn't find it).