Sunday, November 29, 2020

Enchanted Forest (2020)


 I have to say, Doclights/ZDF documentaries quickly moved into my top 10 movies this year. It's not heavily sensationalized, overly dramatic or full of gimmicks like other companies (PBS, I'm looking at you). The narration is calm but explains everything that needs to be explain with a dash of humor.
This little movie was simply wonderful and it took me a long ime to finish because almost every frame is worth saving. We witnessed a day of the temperate climate forest, mostly European with a quick trip to North America. I knew sequoias were massive but seeing that they can weight 1200 millions kilograms and be as tall as the 26-st. building is really something. 
Also, we were graced with the present of the genet - a weird animal that looks like something between a cat and a fox.

also, I took 169 screencaps. These below are 1/3 of them.