Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 Through Headphones

The year of 2015 was not the best in music. Surely, Jonghyeon and SHINee released an album and my review of the year could and probably should end here, but while going through some notes I made past year, I decided to make a monthly list with releases that are actually good. That is months worth mentioning
But then again, 2015 was not a good year in anything.
Without much ado, let's go!
Video heavy.


The most important thing that happened in January, and the whole 2015 music-wise is the solo debut of our Lord and Savior, Kim Jonghyeon with the album "Base".
And the song to rule them all: MONO-Drama:

I only wish people could stop commenting on his songs like "I expect SHINee members to start singing", "It feels like SHINee". I know it's natural since Jjong is a part of the group, but for music notes' sake, it's HIS solo, HIS interpretations, solely HIS musical entities. Saying that one expects other members to start singing only shows the song is lacking something and is somewhat depreciating.
Jjong can sing solo, with himself singing the chorus as well. His voice can carry a song on its own just fine. Just deal with that.

Some more music from January:

최초이 Choix2 - Love or Die:

I admit, I don't like the MV, so I mostly listened to it only. But he has a good voice and this song is a nice combination of few styles I like.

ELO - Your Love:


It's trot. I have to. Just have to...
HONG JIN YOUNG(홍진영) - Love Wifi(사랑의 와이파이)

OK, so it's modern trot, so what? Plus, the guy's got moves. Like really.

맥케이 (McKay) - Angel 2 Me (Duet. Jeff Bernat):
It's pure R'n'B, people. Lovely, chocolatey, smooth, rich.


Death Cab for Cutie released an album "Kintsugi", you can listen to whole HERE.

Our favorite Duckbutt a.k.a. Kim Junsu - Flower

The MV is mindblowing. Truly.

Lee Ji-young (from Big Mama) - Good Bye Tomorrow:

信 Shin [ 反正我信了 Whatever, I just believe in ]


Will Young - Like A River:

For me, the best song on his album, "85% Proof".


Our cute guitar playing genius Jung Sungha released an album - "Two of Me".

On May 18th SHINee released the album "Odd". Di end.
호란 (horan) - '괜찮은 여자 (She's Alright):
Oh damn, such an awesome song.

MAAN - Come Around:


Of Monsters and Men released the album "Beneath the Skin" and I advise you to check it, because the lyrics videos are something that is not seen very often.

Of course, Nate Ruess, unhinged-voice Nate Ruess, released "Grand Romantic"
Elijah Blake - Shadows & Diamonds:

林俊傑 JJ Lin – 黑鍵 Black Keys:

지나-유 (JINA-U) ' 오빤용 ' - this is what you get when you mix trot and electronica.


SHINee relased repackaged album "Married to the Music". It is very important.

Lee Michelle (이미쉘) - I Can Sing:


Duran Duran got themselves Mark Ronson as a producer. But even the best producer can't turn Simon Le Bon into a decent singer. So no MV here. Not sorry, folks.

However, Kwabs released an album: Kwabs - Love + War

Jonghyeon released "Story Op.1". I hope you all made offerings to gods for this.

田心蕾 - 蠢:

One of the weirdest MVs I have seen in 2015.

李祥祥Sean Lee [那又怎樣]:


Hurts returned with their third album. There is a tricky thing when dealing with Hurts. The music is sometimes deceptively upbeat, pop, disco even. But the lyrics are something different entirely. I find that contrast alluring. Because nothing spells destruction of life and broken, lonely soul like some nice cheery tempo.

Hurts - Rolling Stone: 

This album is completely different in music than their previous ones, and definitely not as dark as their debut album. Which is good, I think.

Casker released the album "Ground Part 1". Listen, people!

韋禮安 Weibird Wei - 崑崙鏡 Mirror of Sanctity:

I don't have to remind everyone how much I love Weibird! There is a fusion of traditional instrumental riffs and his own music.


THE KOXX(칵스) - echo:


Roger Yang - Nobody:

蕭敬騰 Jam Hsiao - 一次幸福的機會 The blessed moment:

There are thousands of songs that didn't make it to the list. And some songs above are just samples from full albums. Because, to be able to form an opinion on an album fully, you have to listen to it whole. Or you can just like the single and don't bother. Who am I to tell you how to live? But you will miss some gems this way, hehe...