Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thirty Something - First Impressions

I know little about the insurance companies' policy, so I try my best to follow the plot here. I liked this drama from the first episode, mainly because of Xiu Jie Kai, who has a spot in my drama landscape.

The synopsis from Viki:
When a 30-year-old woman hits a career and personal low, can she rebuild her life? He Mei Liang (Kimi Hsia) should be at the peak of her career and life, but she actually finds herself out of a job. She used to work in medical equipment sales, but she let people walk all over her while she was too afraid to stand up for herself, so she ends up hitting rock bottom. Although she used to look down on insurance salespeople, Mei Liang gets a job in the insurance industry and is determined to succeed. Mei Liang is partnered with the more veteran insurance salesman, You Zi Jie (Xiu Jie Kai), who tries to prevent her from making too many gaffes in her new job. Can Zi Jie help Mei Liang rebuild her life and career?

There is, however, much more to that. Mei Liang is a doormat. And by 'doormat' I mean a complete and utter spineless failure as a salesperson, who has no ability to say no, but instead can ruin herself just to please others, trying to make them remember her so she can make a deal. But here's the thing - she's transparent to almost everyone around her and yet she has the hunch about it. She tries hard not to give into the despair (her father borrowed money from loan sharks, hello problems!), but she knows that friends momentarily stop being your friends when you ask them for a favor. She has some bitter, harsh words regarding the reality around her, but believes the miracles can happen, or at least we could try and make them happen.

And we have Zi Jie, a really caring and nice insurance broker. He's so nice his wife demands a divorce, stating that instead of pursuing his career and being a bit more cold-hearted and opportunistic, he's focused on caring about his clients and going an extra mile for them. She wanted him to be a manager by now, not stuck in his assistant position for years. She herself is a very successful lawyer, already a main one in the law firm. And they have a daughter, so the girl doesn't understand why she had to leave her dad and why he can't come to her new house. Zi Jie signed the divorce papers, however rumors at his workplace say what rumors usually say: that it's his fault cause he probably had a mistress. It's a sad image when people just judge the outcome without sparing a single thought about the cause. Divorces happen without infidelity. Here, it was just too tiresome to stay in the marriage cart.

Zi Jie isn't convinced it works like that...

So far I've only seen three episodes, so I can't say much except this - I will continue this quiet, slightly under-the-radar drama. Because I'm enjoying it.

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