Friday, January 22, 2016

January music

Some of these songs are ballads, so be warned. But actually it's a mix of folk, indie, rock, and R'n'B.
Not much, only a handful.

The music that came out in January, and therefore pretty fresh.

Groovy Brown (그루비 브라운) - Then We (그때 우리)

They are listed under folk, which I like, however through the first 45 seconds of this song I wasn't sure if I like it. And then came nice harmonies and nice rhythm, so I decided I like it.

Hanumpa (한음파) - Farewell

And this is a nice single.

빈센트(Vincent) - 아무래도(Whatever)

Alright, this was released on December 29th, but it's too nice to not include now.
 鄒宗翰 Hans Tsou【不快樂 Unhappy】

Rebecca: 同恩-散漫人生創作專輯│ 路 [ 三川娛樂 Official MV ]

李榮浩 Ronghao Li - 滿座 Full House:

It's a song from the upcoming album.

I tried very hard not to include Jam Hsiao's cover album, released on Dec. 30th. I admire my strong will.