Saturday, January 30, 2016

And Then There Were None

Since the miniseries was really mini (3 episodes), I decided to watch this. Especially that it was packed with known names, some of which I even like. 
The series is based on Agatha Christie's one of the most famous novels under the same title. The title itself was changed, as it was deemed to be offensive. Also, the poem and the island's name were also changed (to "ten Little Soldiers" and Soldier Island respectively).
I read people were wailing about the ending not being exactly as it was in the book, but sometimes what works for the literary world, doesn't translate well in other medium.
At least, they didn't run into the sunset together.

What more I could write about this? The cinematography is great, following the characters, misleading us and creating a somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere of a secluded island and the people there. Ten people who gathered there were invited to the residence by letters from a mysterious U.N. Owen, promising either a job, holiday or meeting with friends. What is more, as we learn in the first episode, all of them committed some crime at one point in their lives. What's more - they were not punished for it. But the voice from the gramophone, indicting them, triggers both guilt and paranoia.
Especially that the first "little soldier" choked on his drink laced with arsenic very quickly...