Friday, April 26, 2013

Music Round-up

   I'm so behind with drama episodes and some new music I'm actually ashamed to show up here. However, I managed to muster up the remnants of my courage and write few lines about recent releases that caught my attention.
But first... SMEnt made SHINee comeback without Jonghyeon. Yes, you read that right, my fellow martyrs of SM brilliant tactics - WITHOUT the ultimately overwhelming shining bling!
Add this to the long hate-list.

   I never paid much attention to all those nugu groups recently, I hear the names, I amy remember them, but I don't care. I didn't care also for Got2Be, yet ventured to listen to their new songs and one is quite nice. As for r'n'b it's quite basic, but that's why I like this genre, it doesn't need to have elaborated orchestra background, it's the "feel" that counts. I hear boys are channeling their inner 2AM in this one. Nice harmonies, however I probably forget them soon.

Got2Be (갓투비) - 사랑한다 말해줘 (Tell Me You Love Me)

Urban Zakapa released a song for Nine drama OST. This is perfectly Urban Zakapa-ish, so don't expect blood-pumping beats. Instead it's a nice bossa-like song with prominent acoustic guitar and drums. It has a certain charm, but such songs always work on me, so I may not be objective.

Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) - 그냥 조금 (Just A Little Bit)  

And now I can honestly say I like Jeong Dong-ha's song. I'm quite on the fence with his singing in Buhwal, however IS2 converted me a bit. I mean, I aknowledge his singing abilities, but I didn't like a certain style of his, especially with singing fast tempo rock songs. 
This one is a nice ballad. And yes, this is a song for When Pretty Oppa Shows His Abs drama. About second or third good thing in this show, if we count Hazel Eyes Oppa and The Abs.

Jeong Dong Ha (정동하) - First Button (첫 번째 단추)

Damn you all, let's have SHINee for a moment, OK? But not MV because I'm terribly offended and don't aknowledge this one MV. Sorry Vi and your Taemin.
I hear some 80's in this and I'm happy. And I hear Jjong. I'm double happy. Screw this overly used title phrase, this mess is so going on my playlist now! And the album better come faster cause I need to fondle... erhm... the CD.

Something calming then. According to wikipedia: Deserts Chang, also known as Zhang Xuan, Chang Xuan or Deserts Xuan, is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter. She is considered to be one of the leading alternative musicians in the Chinese music industry.

So maybe her other song, this time with MV (a really weird MV, just to add). I like the unsettling feel the whole song has (those growing snare drums which I know aren't snare drums only have the faint similarity). Plus some very disturbing (at least me, MV).

And the lady I encountered during my latest venture into some song hunting. Vocally, something mixing Dolores O'Riordan and Sinead O'Connor, however with specific trait. She sings in a very very unique way. I'm still at fence with her though, I mean, I can hear she can sing, however I'm afraid she may be soon too close to this annoying Evanescence "pooping" vocalist. Baian (or Ann) was born in 1991 and debuted last year (although had some demo ever since 2008), but I have some hopes in her career so far. And while checking the charts, I realized she and Jam Hsiao (plus some Mayday songs) pretty dominated March.