Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm Not Gonna Bite You...

... unless you wanted me to. Do you you want me to bite you? Is that what you're trying to tell me? (quote after: Shark).
After weeks of yes-no drama-llama plot device in practical use, we got confirmation that Kim Namgil-nim will appear on Shark. His female counterpart would be Son Yejin and she's one of those actresses I highly approve of. She can kiss act.

   Having two actors who are not afraid of flashing some skin would be a waste of celuloid (or whatever they made dramas on) to not get them some nice fondling scenes. Maybe kdramas will start targeting audience other than kindergarden? Although with latest highly complicated plot in dramas, I fear that may not be the case.

   OK, the plot in Shark doesn't knock me down either. It's pretty boring, in fact. It looks like a cross-breed between The Princess' Man and Bad Guy with Temptation of Angel sauce. This time, probably lady will go blind or whatever.
Read for yourself:
"A man loses his father due to a woman's family. He loves the woman dearly. The man then is targeted by the woman's family to be killed. Now, the man changes his face and hides his true identity. He begins to take revenge on the woman's family, but he struggles between the desire for revenge and love." (AsianWiki) and then the dramatic twist: When the woman's family also tries to kill him, revenge temporarily takes precedence in his priorities. To take that revenge, he will go so far as to change his face and identity. But the one thing he ultimately can't change is the love he feels for the woman whose family he plans to take revenge on. (Kdramastars)

   I mean, how much more redundant can the plot get?
Some of you know me though, I can watch 5 dramas with exactly the same plot and enjoy them, because it's all about the emotions in a drama. It's all about the story and the way of presenting it. All I care for are emotions. If I feel emotionally violated, drained, unhinged by a drama, I'll watch no matter what. It's this emotional level that is so cathartic. That's why I haven't even noticed my fingers were bleeding while watching Mars. I realized it belatedly when wanted to clench my fists and couldn't...

   So yes, I don't really care about the plot. The sheer thrill of having Namgil-nim on screen is enough to keep me in front of my lappie (and on heart meds as well).
Drama starts May 27th, so little something from DC Gall to make the waiting bearable: