Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm So Furious, Yeah

   Well, actually not that much but... In days like this what a girl wants is just some drama to make her life brighter or at least bearable. Sadly as for Kdrama, nothing makes me thrilled. It might be also some other evil neighbour's creation that I can't get into the mood of watching anything. Autumn's Concerto came, crushed all and left, leaving me unable to get into any Kdrama. Actually no, that's not this series' fault. It's because current "Main 3" prime-time productions are crap. 
And Mandate of Heaven I'm pinning all my interest on now just aired first episode today.

   I present you, the Clamp stable's xxxHOLic

   I even resorted to Jdrama, not sure if I'm having fun, but at least I'm waiting for the next episode. Since xxxHOLiC is short, I randomly started this one, knowing nothing about the original manga or anything (well, I do know Clamp, and even if they didn't write it, I would have guessed corretly) but I remembered one funny comment by a dumb user (if you recognise yourself here, I'm not sorry for calling you dumb) who wrote that characters in this drama "don't look like the characters in manga/anime". Uh-oh, we have a Sherlock over here, ladies and gents! No, seriously, they don't? Who would have thought??

I kinda like the drawing style of Clamp - baroque, full of ornamentals, details, flying feathers and misty smoke, however they tend to lose the main intrigue disseminating it into dozens of subplots and those ladies are often lost. I remember when I was reading "X" and around 10th book I thought: WTF is going on exactly? And then they killed Nataku, so f*ck you, OK?

   Back to the drama. xxxHOLiC is typical Clamp in one aspect - slow, sleepy action full of suspense that should create the antici...pation, the frames are oxygen-less, suffocating. However, I have the feeling that there is too much ado about nothing, in fact. All this elaborated designs, beautiful, artful shooting technique just covers the lack of substance. I'm watching having no idea why.

   The second Jdrama I'm watching is Last Cinderella. I'm not a fan of any of the actors (although Rintaro is hawt) and even the plot is doing nothing for me, but since it's my staple spinster very soul's interest in younger guy/older woman plots, I'm doing my best to continue this. Actually there's nothing new to the whole arch - three different ladies having their own problems (well, yes, being nymphomaniac on the verge of raping everyone with a penis IS a problem), however I don't mind and I'm curious (yeah!) how they will manage to unfold their stories. No, actually scratch that, I'm not curious at all. I just watch it to practice my listening skills. 
And to see some sakura petals...

I'll be watching it anyway, whenever I feel like it. However, there are dramas that can make me interested still. Those two are King Flower and Borrow Your Love

   In episode 15 of KF, Terry finally confessed to Liang Yan's father that his daughter is dead. I wanted the truth to be out from the very beginning of this mess, yet there was something in a way all the time. But now, the truth is out so at least there won't be any unnecessary tension. However, the dead girl remains dead and the abnormal situation of withholding the truth from her father still lingers. 
Now Terry starts to feel attached to Da Hua, however I'm still not sure how much is his genuine affection and how much of it is composed of his guilt, LY memories and desperate need to have someone supporting him.
Oh, and fanpages exploded after that kiss in the preview, just to add.

You're cold, but also so beautiful!

   Borrow Your Love - oh man, how much longer will it take for Ping An to realize how great a man crossed her way?? This drama is fluff on the outside, yet it does have some itching, uncomfy moments. First of all - Cold Momma and her act on newly found daughter. With my friend, lovely J. we sensed something's not right and we were right. Turns out Cold Momma is really COLD. Well, she said it herself - she doesn't care about anyone unrelated to her, she's able to abandon pretty much everyone. And she means it. However here's the display of her cruelty mixed with maternal instincts - she knew Ping An was her daughter, but she revealed it was actually Xi Le. Why? Just to keep her real daughter safe and sound, because Cold Momma is - euphemistically speaking - hated all around for some good reasons. She's toying with Xi Le's life using her as an eventual bait for those who might want to harm our Chairwoman or her family. This also produces another dilemma - what will become of Xi Le when she'll learn about the truth? With her character, she'll probably forgive all. Or maybe not? Since she's slowly changing into more scheming lady.
Ping An is still an idiot anyway.
Another thing - Zi Wen. Words can't describe how much I hate this guy. Hated his cowardly behavior even from before. It was because of him that Ye Chen went to prison in his stead and now he's a blooming traitor! He's using poor Xi Le's true love for him for his own advantage, lies, double knots with gangsters, evil Director and whosnotelse. Wonder what he'll do when he gets to know the girl is not Chairwoman's real daughter.

Started Alice in the Wondercity so can't say anything more than that I liked the first episode.
Watching ofkors #WhenAManShowsHisAbsMakingFangirlsAllAroundTheWorldHappy because of Hazel Eyes (that is our resident bad guy Kim Sung-oh) and the plot abs. That's actually quite a nice comedy so far.

End of rating. Yes, I'm kind of relaxed now.