Friday, April 05, 2013

Let's Say Spring Music

   It's still snowing, the Spring is reluctant to come to Europe. But finally I managed to get out from Kpop slump and listen to something. As usual - Melon and Bugs charts come handy. This past quarter those are heavily hip-hop (read: hep-hap) infected, and although I'm able to listen to rap parts in songs if I have to, I'm not able to listen to full heavy hiphopped song. Cause I don't like it. Don't judge me. Or judge, I don't care. 
That's why I think Seo Inguk's song could do just fine without this rap by Verbal Jint.

   Korea is raving about Andong Musician (a duo), but this leaves me cold, to be frank. I've had enough of indie and I'm not easily impressed by it. Indie in itself is a problem because it's probably the most self-repeating genre. This album is fine, but let's not drop our panties already, it's not the first and last such band and sound. Jang Kiha and the Faces had it last year. Busker Busker as well.

   I'm rather pleased with 2AM's new album, but I like this four young men and their harmonies. Their title song One Spring Day has a hypnotic rhythm going through the entire song, breaking at times but picking up and continuing. I like such rhythms and part of my love for olde SHINee song Obssession comes from the perfect rhythmic phrases. Well, 2AM are known for harmonies and r'n'b mellow sounds which I like so I'm not complaining. That's not any groundbreaking album, maybe less memorable than Saint o'clock but it's not a major flaw. The Spring intro is nice.

Live version because I like:

   This Winter The Wind Blows has a good soundtrack. I will not say more because some people may find me extremely biased. I am, and I feel fine. The One sang a great song, Gummy as well, and hate to say that but Taeyeon's song breaks hearts. I'm waiting for full score though.

Remember to choose 720p HD for MVs:

Then, now some songs:
Ra.D - 오랜만이죠 (Feat. 신지수)

이예준 - 가수가 된 이유
Lee Yejun is Voice of Korea 2 contestant and damn, this season has already proved to be digging up some great talents in singing again. One of the fairest music shows if you ask me. If only Baek Jiyeong wasn't such a diva, this would be even more pleasant.

Since I'm raving about VoK2 and its contestants, maybe one song, this time live performance from this show:

김민지, 박의성 - I`m In Love

Finally, BMK has made a song for a drama Heo Jun and this is why I'm putting this awesome lady here as well. powerful vocal, amazing charisma and strong delivery. Looks like she made a small comeback^^

And lastly, BG9 (길구봉구) -  미칠 것 같아:

I'll be frank, had no idea about their existence before. But I like what I hear. Like, really like^^