Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Fluff and Bluff

      And so I started Gu Family Book for my own undoing. I have few dramas I'm watching (see side panel) and few dramas I'm watching irregularly because of no subs or slow subs. I just stare at people (*cough cough*) in Di Jin because of no subs whatsoever, and I'm hopelessly waiting someone will sub Happy 300 Days, because it does seem like an awesome, slice-of-life drama.

   Gu Family Book is a sageuk, and rather a very fusion one, since it mixes few species as well. We have gumiho, humans and carps as well. I've said this few times already and I will repeat: I'm not fond of Lee Seung-gi (euphemistically speaking actually), referred as The Carp (watch 5 minutes of his any appearance and you'll get why), he may be the nicest guy in da 'hood, but I don't care.
Creators of this drama played us all for the fools, placing Choi Jinhyeok on the poster in an awesome attire (see for yourself), making all ladies around swoon and open their... hearts and... and getting rid of him quickly. I protest, we protest! We want hot gumiho daddy back or else we will riot!

   Anyway, we have The Carp and Carpette as main leads so I'll probably rely on recaps to know if maybe our awesome supernatural daddy appears again so I can grab the episode. The background though is composed of stellar cast, having Kim Hee Won as the monk and our (did I mention hot?) Wol-ryeong's friend, Jo Seongha, Lee Seongjae etc.
Having an awesome daddy there is no guarantee the kid won't look like a Carp... But writers should at least take some remote similarity between actors, OK? Since Korea boasts the country's competitiveness in CGI, there's my proposition (in case Carp will need a daddy in the future drama):

Now fangirls may bury me alive.

Decided to remain faithful to When A (beautiful) Man Shows His Abs and currently preparing to watch episode 3 with also faithful friends. I won't lie that abs are one important plot aspect that drives us in. Maknae and his brother as well.

   And since I'm cured from my irrational fear of V-Ness, I decided to watch Autumn's Concerto and damn I love it. Of course there are convoluted methods of dealing with people displayed by you-can-count-on evil Momma, but in overall - since Mars probably, I haven't felt that emotionally invested (maybe King Flower works its magic for me this way too, cause it's subtly layered as well).

   I like the leading lady too, she's a mild and gentle girl, yet she's not a doormat.
Drama wouldn't be a drama without forced parting, and damn, this was a cruel way of doing so. Since I'm on ep 10 and Guang Xi didn't regain his memories, he's behaving all caring and sweet. I do believe he will relapse back to his old self that was just at the beginning of changing when his surgery happened. And I believe he'll unleash some hell for Mu Cheng for lying and leaving him when he was on the verge of death. 
Dramagods, if this doesn't end happily (and some friend spoiled me that one awesome Gardener will end up happy), I'll be boycotting something (no clue what yet).
   Plus, both men have an awesome chemistry with kids, and nothing induces kyaa from me as much as seeing some nice man-kid interactions (actually... nevermind). Additionally, those kids here are uber-cute.

   Mentioning King Flower - I really have no idea where are they heading. Da Hwa's family knows she works as an impostor of Terry's fiancée, there's no way on Earth to keep this a secret from those who can't know about this. Except for one way - to kill everyone involved off, this way, well, for dead it's absolutely irrelevant what living people think and say. If the writers come up with a happy ending, I'll be happy, but realistically speaking I don't see such solution. Terry's going straight to some nice asylum, and Da Hwa will become probably more and more confused. Girl lost her past in a way, the moment when she decided on surgery and pretending play. Now, she's neither Da Hwa, nor Liang Yan.

Don't let this pic fool you. It's nothing as happy as it seems to be.

Oh well, at least Borrow Ur Love with its main pair of walking nuclear bombs is a pure fluff so far.