Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Music

   Ever since April 1st Jonghyeon has been in hospital, but the single with his song for King's Dream drama was released. Drama is a crap, but not the song. And before you judge me - I'm not a deaf fan saying all songs by someone are masterpieces and should be adorned with diamonds. I fiercely hate Jjong's Girls and Kangta's 7989. And I don't listen to those. 

   The song is ballad which is actually a good point in itself because Jjong+ballad=dead me. The music layer of this song is fairly simple, a little bit of r'n'b in the arhytmic sections, a little bit of slow ballad. Yet it allows the vocal to do the charm. Those who know how powerful this young man's vocal can get, might be shocked by the way he sings it - softly (killing me soooftly with his soooong, killing meee, soooftlyyyy) operating only on his middle and upper tones. Yes, no deep baritone in this one, folks. Lyrics are also touching but the real magic starts in the interpretation, because if it was left to me to sing it - your ears would bleed, wither and fall off.
Be blessed with the voice we need to be baptized in:

In case you don't like mah Dino's voice... get the f*ck out of here some of the lady's vocal. A song for Cruel Palace drama that starts (the song not the drama) with nice traditional instruments and is very, very drama-like. There is also another song by Beige for this drama, in case you missed. KHJ song is typical period drama OST, with erupting start, slower parts mixed with faster-tempo refrains and so on.

We have to say goodbye to any of hypotethical OSTs by Yesung since he's going to the army next month (that was fast, SMEnt).

   And since my YesAsia order arrived, I got Weibird Wei's debut album I spazzed a bit earlier this year and also latest release by Jam Hsiao. This will be reviewed later, but so far, the taste of it, the very first song. What I especially like, except for his vocal is the songs' ending. Every song ends in a unique way, not just typical fading out.
I just love this kid's voice!

There is also MV for this song - Holmes, but I'd rather you listen than watch.

So far those songs only caught my attention.