Friday, January 04, 2013

"Double, double toil and trouble;

Manekineko wishes you all good year and invites you to cray cray world^^
 ... Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

   A post totally made for fun and with fun (or frustrations, whatever). While I'm slowly trudging through award shows (12 parts to dl and watch), I prepared this for all of you to have fun.
There are "prediction posts" everywhere, in K-entertainment too, so to entertain ourselves, let's make predictions for year 2013.
What are your predictions? Free your mind, and the rest will follow^^

1. Ahn Chil-hyeon will release full album we've been waiting for since 2005. Or at least mini. Or we can get married. OK, that will never happen...
2. JYJ will appear on national TV.
3. Junsu will be back to black hair.
4. Kim Namgil-nim next project will slay all your faves.
5. Big Bang's new concept will be "good boy".
6. Hoya develops clothes allergy and will stage naked.
7. Zhoumi and Henry will get small part in next SJ album. SMEnt goes out of business cause of that.
8. Kyaagirls start writing coherent, 2 sentence posts.
9. Onew will learn how to tweet.
10. Seungri and Rihanna will have duet.
11. Jaejoong will turn into immortal vampire. 
12. Geunsucks will produce 7 billions of life-size posters (180.4 cm tall) and send as "gift for humanity" to everyone on the planet.
13. Dongwoo will have 5 minutes to shine.
14. Jonghyeon will stop making his nuna fans bipolar.
15. TOP will get naked.
16. G-Dragon will have normal haircut/clothes/anything.
17. SM will stop making MVs in the boxes. So the rest of big 3.
18. Heechul will be back and he'll get the real crayon.
19. SBS will pay actors and crew.
20. Shiwon will have coming out and Korea will bless him.
21. Korea will learn that 39 kg for 20-yo girl is NOT a norm.
22. Kang Dongwon stops looking creepy.
23. Idols start dating and netizens will be happy about that.
24. SHINee next album music will be less generic.
25. Girls groups stop doing "Lolita" concept and go full slutty.
26. INFINITE vocalists will be taken under consideration by them critics.
27. Army and fans will set fire to the Bi.
28. SJ will release indie album.
29. Key will become Tyra Banks of Korea.
30. 570 new groups will debut.
31. Idols stop using guyliner. Maybelline's sudden bancrupcy.
32. Leeteuk will marry himself.
33. HoMin starts getting own clothes/choreo and not SHINee leftovers.
34. Sasaengs will be punished by law.
35. New viral video called "Unni Busan style" (sung with Busan accent) will put PSY in the corner and get 567 billions views.
36. Shotgun weddings in Kpop.
37. Park Shihu gets An-An centrefolds.