Saturday, January 19, 2013

Im Seulong's transition?

One of my great friends likes 2AM, and since I like them too, and I rarely post anything about them (because of no scandals, no weird things etc. only good singing, what a borefest!), this time, Seulong and his slightly different attitude from usual idols.


Im Seulong reveals the reason why he has started showing his concerns towards society problems.
Im Seulong has taken his first step onto his first film with the movie "26 Years" (directed by Jo Geunhyeok). He may be a member of the singing group 2AM, but he completely changes into the mind of a new actor when he goes to filming. And because of that, Im Seulong is praised mercilessly by his fellow acting partners and movie staff to the point where their mouths were drying up. "A Promising Tree," as the saying goes, Im Seulong believes he has upgraded his own values.
Though he is called an idol, he's already 26 years old at age. He may be living his social life the same as most people do, but there'd be a very clear difference between the life of a star and the life of a normal person. There are also young stars that are no doubt younger than most of their acting peers, who receive lots of love as they live their young social lives just like an adult. They may wish to live a normal life, but it'll be impossible by then. Im Seulong has no doubt fixed all of his bad points as time went by, and finally managed to stand on where is he right now, with all the hard work and worries he have gone through.
In a recent interview with Newsen, Im Seulong confessed, "As I was filming for the movie, I think I've come to develop a deeper love towards our country. I'm usually the type who's true to his own feelings. I can only be satisfied if I say the truth even if it's embarrassing.." Im Seulong had chosen to participate in the movie because of the perfectly politically-influenced and unusual storyline, but somehow he really fits extremely well with the movie.
"I've also come to develop a deep concern towards social problems. The same reason goes to why I upload news about sexual assaults and the sort on my twitter account, even though they're a quite sensitive topic. I write those posts with the thought of 'Let's begin with myself. I hope I can make the world a better place, even if it's only a little' in my mind. Of course, this is a scary thing to do. It's not like I perfectly know everything about the world, and I wouldn't know what kind of feedback I'd get when I post things like these. That's why I've been studying a lot and working hard on trying to understand."
Among the many social problems that exist, Im Seulong's concern seems to be leaning very heavily towards sexual assault problems. Recently, Im Seulong left a tweet on his twitter account about this problem that goes, "'Sex Offender of a Pregnant Woman On Due is Announced to Serve 15 Years in Jail' I really want to add another number '1' in front of that. I don't even think 115 years is enough, add 2. 1115 years!" as he linked to the original article.
Im Seulong exclaimed, "There is no doubt we need to make the world a better a place. That's why I kept writing about it on twitter, and I really hope people will take notice of this problem, even if it's just a little. When I heard that the right for offense subjects to complaint was abolished, I was really happy. Even though every time I write something, I'll still have a lot of uncertainties, but people like (Lee) Hyori Nuna or Writer Kangfull, who often takes the first initiative towards social problem, are very admirable and they give us juniors a lot of strength." 
Translated by bbiyak25 @ W2D via here