Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music report

   Since I like to share what I'm listening to, what I'm discovering in music, here comes another post about songs. Some of them are new, some of them not. Some of the songs I listen I love, yet some are left alone because I find them better than Teletubbies only. But I don't rave about them and don't listen to them.
There are some albums piling up (like Lydia's) that I have no time to listen properly, but once February starts, I will. 

   The first song to 7th Grade Civil Servant (by Junho & Taecyeon) is out, but it's so painfully horrible I'm not even linking it here in fear it may damage my blog. I don't mind fluffy pop songs (vide Yesung and his song for King of Dramas) but not such blatantly retarded and generic in terms of sound. 15 seconds into it and my ears started to bleed. My ears started to bleed as well when I tried to listen to So Jiseob's new "masterpiece" of (c)rap or whatever he just released. No, please just don't.

Broken Valentine released brand new single (for all rock girls out there, hay Ara). And here their live song, rrr^^

Ali released new single too. Although I do appreciate her singing abilities and I know lady has talent bigger than Park Shihu's house, yet somehow there are moments in this song that seem too forced, too strained. But well, who cares about my opinion anyway?

    I'm always on the verge with japanese singles or albums, but it's K.R.Y so... so I'll probably kidnap and sell some puppies just to get that, but I'm trying not to be biased. OK, let me say this though: I hate "whitened" video, I hate this filter, HATE it with passion! "Sherlock" had it and handful of other MVs. Bleh. Another thing - I really like how Yesung sounds in second part of the song. I think I don't have to mention Ryeowook, because this kid gives me so many emotions I'm little unstable now. They also covered Hanamizuki and it's on their Japanese mini. Which is sung live and sorry, but Wook kills all with no effort.

   Ever since mid-December I've been to Taiwan and I recently bought a cozy, crazy, whatever house there and looks like I won't move that soon. I blame two ladies and you should know how easy is to put me into obssessive state. As for the music I blame it on Stephanie whose beautiful song and MV I posted in December got me totally hooked on it. Then it came OST music.
Actually I don't care what language a song is sung, as long as I like it.
I mentioned this song earlier via twitter, but since I'm running like a madwoman in circles lately waiting for next episode of this drama, you may suffer with me.

William Wei, born in 1987, let's sob together how many talented people are younger than us... The song I came to know through "In Time With You" drama OST (and drama is also great).

And maybe last for today to not kill everybody: another song from the just mentioned drama.
Emerson, born 1988. Yes, let's weep.

And don't worry, I just started this journey, there will be a lot to report in the future.