Friday, January 18, 2013

January music

   Those who stalk me here or there know I have some unhealthy obssession with (very) few voices. I need familiarity (is this a word?) when I'm working on something and I don't want to focus on new sounds and get song all over to hear second and third line and maybe chorus too.
And although it's only half of the month, I decided to write a bit on songs/albums that go through my "miracle machine of happiness" that is winamp (or WMP). Big shout-out to one speshul friend who sends me samples!

   First, I got Browneyes (브라운 아이즈 - The Very Best Of Browneyes) album and I have to say I'm enjoying this, but it comes as no surprise since I like R'n'B in general, with my favorite being without doubt "This Song", although "True Love" and "Miss You" are also nice. It reminds me of good era of Motown and honey voices there, and also in Korea, because some people are naturally more inclined to certain types of music.
If you want your monies to be well spent for a music, buy this album, you won't regret it.

   Next would be Super Junior M's album "Break Down". Well, this isn't exactly a groundbreaking album, and it doesn't have such song as "Whisper of the west Wind" which is absolutely marvelous in its ascethic arrangement, yet it delivers. It's not "horrible" as some say (but those call everything SM-related a shit and this is an argument I have no obligation to fight with) , but it's not brilliant. It's just better than tones of same-pop-crap that is released daily. Yes, it's better than IU and Juniel combined!
First, we have Zhoumi's solo "距離的擁抱", and in this case, reading some comments on lyrics, I decided I don't want to know. But Zhoumi sings beautifully and I'm content. One weak point? No five Ryeowook's solos. This nuna is slightly pissed off, but will probably sell few kidnapped kids and buy this as well on next paycheck day. I mentioned on twitter also two other songs, "Tunnel" and "Stand Up" that caught my attention. Title track is way less dynamic that "Perfection" was from the previous album, and the MV was shot on the same background as "Super Girl" was, but I don't care.

   Kim stay-away-or-I'll-bite-your-tits-off Namgil sang a song for Yawang OST. Yes, you read that right, he sang. He can sing as does the majority of Koreans, so it seems. Yet my love doesn't blind me to the fact that the song didn't hop into my playlist, it's nice and he holds a note, yet it's without power. And the reason it's a ballad is not actually the reason, because even such snooze-fest as Kangta's albums is powerful, vibrant, overwhelming with bursting emotions like bubbling lava or cold as mountain snows (and no, I'm absolutely NOT biased).

   Somehow Yesung found his way to my playlist and I have nothing to defend myself with, the song is simply cute. I probably mentioned this one last year (this adds the depth of time to the post) but with songs it has to be the right time and right place, and actually this week is sponsored by Yesung.

   Also, I decided to listen to the whole B.E.G's discography because it's probably the only group of ladies who can be seen as real singers, who can sing live and who are not afraid of anything (they admitted to PS freely and to p0rn, kkk). And I have to admit that Gain has a strange charm on me. If anyone wants to try their hybrid music (it's a weird mixture of pop, dance and r'n'b with funk sometimes), please do so. Not to mention their MVs with one of my favorites being "Sign" and for songs "Candy man". Sign is dedicated to all Ryu Seung-ryeong's fans out there (namely Ara-chan and me) and for cutie Ryu (Ori^^). Oh, and btw. no one knows what's going on in the MV, probably director too, but it's awesome anyway.

More to be added when I'm done with those 30Gb of music that awaits me^^~~

Admire my willpower, people, I didn't mention Kim Jonghyeon.