Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kmusic frustrated musings

Reigning ball of sunshine - Dongwoo - shares brightness^^

   Infinite's leader Sunggyu is ready to go solo, within Woollim borders. Although I do find this as a quite bold move for a member of a group that exists for little more than 2 years, I'm not happy with Shine which was leaked. I explained my reasons, there is overpowering in this song, and although I like how Sunggyu sounds there, chorus ruins this (still not on the level how Minho ruins E-V-E-R-Y SHINee song, hang me).

   Fandom of course reacted to Woolliment released statement that they have NOT decided on the next solo activity. WTF, we were promised Infinite H, that is sub-unit consisting of Dongwoo and Hoya. So, fandom created new sub-unit called Infinite S (standing for Sex) that consists of Hoya and Woohyun. I presume they want to include Woohyun as the 'singing part" in their (H) activity. I don't mind at all. Especially since after-Answer 1997 Hoya's popularity is soaring.
OK, here's my personal, biased and completely unprofessional opinion. I still love Woohyun's voice the most. I know Sunggyu's range is wider yet I always fall in love with the voice and I'm faithful to it. So for me, it's Namstar. However, Dongwoo needs more vocal training and he could carry a song on his own. I do love this kid for reasons I can't explain and since Infinite is known as bias-wreckers in Kpop fandom, Dongwoo is our (hi, my Kpop friends) list-wrecker as well.
This is why I demand Infinite H, my wallet is ready, Woollim, take it!
Lastly, the representant added “We can’t reveal yet who are the two members who will have unit activities but we’re still asking you a continuous interest for Infinite” (obs news + trans by emilie @ infiniteupdate) 
This upset many fans in fandom, not only Infinite's but those who support boys from the outside too.

   This also leads to SuJu KRY sub-unit. As I heard the rumors about their concert in Japan, I withheld submitting my Uni papers for.. (well, that's not important right now) so I could shamelessly lie I need to be in Japan in February/March. But since their Japan concert in Budokan (awesome scene) was scheduled to January, I cried and filled papers without Japan. Looks like we won't be having KRY album any time soon and my Ryeowook needs (hi, Viande^^) won't be satisfied. SMEnt prepares SuJu M new album, or so it seems to everyone. Yet, since Zhou Mi said when the album is due, no one sane in fandom believes him. 
OK, I will probably spend my remnants on SJ M album, fine, hopefully uri beloved Wook will have lots of lines or chorus back-up (which he's done perfectly on SF&S). Plus, I sincerely miss Zhou Mi.
Oh, SMEnt, the things I have to put up with for your artists!

   Park Hyoshin is back from the army and it looks like he'll have a concert to celebrate that. Oh, another musical actor on the market. Well, me not very fond of Hyoshin, I do acknowledge his abilities, but I'm not a fan of theirs. Simple. Looks like no musical with my Hong Kwangho will hit the DVD and maybe international sale, right? Oh, sad fate!!

   To end those half-drunk half-frustrated ramblings - Kmusic now seems to be in a stagnant state, no? Nothing new, nothing outstanding. Except for Urban Zakapa's really good album. YB will have Christmas concert and they're working on a new album (I'm stalking YDH on twitter, ekhem, and except for his massive skateboarding spam, he tweets something of any means sometimes).

   Right now even SJ's Spy seems like a good choice for listening/watching (oh those Ryeowook's low notes...*__*).