Sunday, November 18, 2012

K-entertainment part 3

   Three days' absence from Kpop crazy world equals to a month in a normal world. A lot happened, to be honest, and the funniest thing happened around my writing the previous round-up.
So here we go.

 The numbers are just random as I wrote them down while re-reading the news.

1. Lee Minhot (I hope I can never talk to him, cause I swear, I'll say Minhot) is OK with pairing him with older actresses but he doesn't understand the nickname fans gave him: "God of Chemistry". Neither do we. Most likely he's really good in writing the reactions.
Well, he doesn't care, because he can feel at ease with all those ladies. Perhaps his respect and NO shuffling on red carpet is a small factor to it, but what do I know?

2. PSY dances with Madonna after winning MTV Best Video Award. 
Dear world, we are also tired of Gangnam Style. Sincerely, Kpop fans.

3. Ha Jeongwu chased after a car and wrote down the license plate after the driver commited hit-and-run. The police caught the driver thanks to this. Man has lungs, yes yes...

4. After seeing Won Bin in a subway station, fans asked themselves "why was he there?" I second this question and demand a letter of explanation from Won Bin's management staff, because - as we know - actors are spiritual beings that can levitate, bilocate and travel upon the clouds. So why crowded, filthy and mundane subway? I protest!!

5. The rape (inexplicit, fear not) scene in Missing You drama sparked controversy in Korea, land of pure sex under the watchful eye of one's parents. For some netizens this was over the top and they argued it was not necessary. Well, considering this became the reason of uri cute pair breaking up... 
So I guess pouring a coffee on a chaebol's son's suit is more realistic than teen rape in the world we're living, right.

6. Han Geng won ‘Worldwide Act’ Award at the 2012 MTV EMA. I know, not Korean, but since he and SuJu competed in the same category... Now, you get why it's so damn funny.

7. Ha Jiwon released her book where she writes who was her first love, how much she weights after eating 2 peanuts and why cream sandals are bad for you. No seriously, no one cares.
But anyone can be writer and publish a book (so what if all proceedings will be given to some charity?).

8. IU and Eunhyuk snapped a pic together. The pic was "accidentally" uploaded to twitter (how??) and taken down 2 minutes later, but you know them Kpop fans, one second online and whole tumblr has it.
Most of fans called this "after-sex" pic, but it's not important right now. LOEN Ent (IU's agency) came up with the lamest excuse ever, probably winning the award for the Dumbest Excuse of the past 10 years. Because yeah, all my male friends visited me shirtless with their own sofas, yes... And here's the funniest part - Knetizens took this in a slightly unusual way (excluding I-jinyo cafe, whatever), because the rumor about those two has been circulating for years among them. But Inetizens, especially one retarded group of imbeciles, made a hell out of it. "Eunhae" group, a sub-fandom in SuJu fandom, those hormonally shattered and emotionally unstable poor souls who believe "Eunhae" (Eunhyuk+Donghae) is real. As the realest real.
Last weekend was marvelous thanks to them on tumblr.
Yet SMEnt played this in a perfect killer way, cutting down all fun with "what they say".

9. Jonghyeon proved (again) that he actually doesn't need anything or anyone except for his phone or dog to be completely entertained by himself. Weird kid continues to stay weird.

10. Junsu snapped a pic together with SuJu's Sungmin and that put fandoms in frenzy yet again. Reason? Bashing (or just commenting on) of Junsu via twitter that Sungmin started some time ago. But our Junsu has also big heart (except for butt) and looks like he moved along.