Sunday, November 25, 2012

K-entertainment part 4


   Nothing major happened. I'm kind of busy, so I barely have time to bitch blog about anything. With all what is happening in real life, I adopted new attitude to everything that surrounds me: fuckit happy-go-lucky. And with that upbeat mood, I present you 4th installment of news roundup regarding our lovely kindergarden that is K-entertainment with me as the Marry Poppins from hell.

Here it goes.

1. Lee Taesung (evil cousin from Rooftop Idiot) revealed he has a wife and a kid. Seismic agencies around the world noticed 4.8 tremors due to fangirls' breaking hearts. He himself tweeted: “You must be shocked. I’m walking down the aisle at last.” 
And that's a slap in the face to all those miserable no-lifers who fight acne and scoliosis, bitching about other people's life but not doing anything to change their own. His reply reminds me of (in)famous line from the movie Airplane: "...but at least I have a husband".

2. Kim Tae Woo said he's a better singer than Yesung. Well, boy had to swallow this, but it's true, especially that Yesung lost his will to improvisation and doing anything. Yet I wouldn't rank Kim Bum Soo so high either, ekhem.

3. JYJ finally won something. A lawsuit against album distribution company. Yes, I think we can celebrate with that 20 yo whisky...

4. Reporters listed 90's groups that "would be good if they reunited", and the list goes like this:
1. Seo Taiji
2. H.O.T
3. Fin.K.L
4. S.E.S
5. g.o.d
Well, I'm not a big fan of zombie movies anyway.

5. Yunho and Go ara are NOT dating. All YunJae shippers may now write another slash fanfic about "love reunited".

6. The Diva said he/she/it spends most of the money on alcohol. I have to repeat what I said on twitter - having such face I'd drink myself numb every day too.

7. BB's Seungri a.k.a Panda started his twitter. First tweets - begging his "hyongs" to recognize him. Fandom went crazy and fell in love with this one once again.

And now, if you allow me, will go and start reading, because I have a plan to finish all here and snatch some men. Not kidding.