Sunday, November 18, 2012

Them Arirang

   I know Arirang is a slightly propaganda, but I still follow their YT channel, because, unlike KBS World, Arirang is really global. However, their taste is... well, weird at best. It's them who have my beloved Pops in Seoul with its outstanding polls like "Which male stars who would look great, dressed as a woman", "Which stars who seem fragile and weak?", and my favorite: "Which star do you want to raise as a pet?"
Anyway, last Monday they released a new one, and of course it pissed me off (belately) very, very much.

Here is the video on Which idol stars sound amazing even without the background music? Some of you are familiar with videos with "MR removed", that's it.

The list:

1. Hyorin (Sistar)
2. Yoseob (BEAST)
3. Jonghyeon (SHINee)
4. Niel (Teen Top)
5. IU
6. Taeyeon (SNSD)
7. Wuhyeon (INFINITE)
8. Changmin (2AM)
9. Luna (f(x))
10. GaIn (B.E.G)

And here's my problem: no Junsu, Ryeowook, Daesung and Ali here. 
Maybe Junsu wasn't on the list because JYJ is slightly off idol-sphere, however I find as a death punishable offence to not include Ryeowook. Sorry for my biased view, but this little gem could outsing your oppars with ease. He's the sole most consistent, stable and powerful singer in SJ (oh yes, hate me all you want) who doesn't hit false notes even live. Actually, he's the only singer there worth mentioning (I know music critics do appreciate him though), but the problem with Wook is that his voice is either love or hate. If someone loves it, it unfolds in multilayered wholesome composition. If not, well, not everyone can achieve enlightment.
I'm fine with Wuhyeon being there too, cause he's the only one who can sing live and prance around on the stage.
I'm fine with Dino being 3rd under one condition - Junsu is above. No Junsu, fuck you all but no competition and he can slay all of you easily. Hyorin screams (half of Sistar screams, no big deal, OK), and Yoseob has such "secure and bland" voice I don't even care. I'd put Changmin higher though. Well, actually, I'd remodel the entire list.
I'm so not OK with this list.