Friday, November 09, 2012

K-entertainment Part 2

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From some tumblr, don't remember, but applies here.

   Weekly round-up of whatever happened in K-ent and its fandom. I may be slightly out of touch, but as for me, nothing major happened.
Our Lord and Saviour, that is Heechul is still in the army.

But some things happened nonetheless.

1. Junsu, our precious jewel will forever be trolled by his evil bandmates. We're also grateful dorks stay dorky and tease him to the infinity and beyond. This video is contagiously cute. Beware.

2. Cha Taehyun, the awesome man that he is, is not afraid to call UEE a bad singer which she is, in fact. Maybe better for our ears that she moved to acting in which she really improved a lot.

3. Singer Ailee admitted she weights more than 50 kilos. Netizens are redying their diet plans, which of course, they never tried themselves.

4. B.E.G. which was always "naughty line" girl group (vide: latest GaIn's release, for which she honestly said she researched porn), will hold their Christmas concert that will be adult-rated only, that is above 19. The website quotes: The group's four members are to "share their thoughts about love" while dressed in skimpy outfits, a press release promised. It claims that the show is "art, not pornography." Which is precisely what every other group is doing. I don't expect Blond Ambition Tour, yet it's the first group that openly speaks (visually) about woman's sexuality (and Illuminati, mehehe). Other scantily clad groups are just sickeningly cute bunch of lolitas targeting frustrated middle-aged men.

5. Infinite's Sunggyu solo leaked and, even though it's a nice vocal in parts, I'm not impressed that easily in total. He sounds totally different from his usual voice in the group, and this change I like. The song is very, very 90's, yet the sounds dampen Sunggyu's vocal, plus, the chorus sounds a bit out of place. We know Kim Jongwan composed it and from the description of the album we know the EP "Another Me" is classified as a  synch-rock. because I'm a nice girl I won;t say where I have all classifications and genres, yet it looks like boy is doing what he likes best - rock(ish) sounds. Nell seonbaes will help. And bandmates are cheering on him, beware of our ball of sunshine that Dongwoo is.
And I will refrain from the judgement until I hear the full album.

6. PSY is only a tool of Illuminati and we're just a brainwashed mob. Almost a year ago I wrote highly dissecting article about Evil forces in Kpop. Coincidence? I don't think so... 

7. Chunderp has a new drama (I Miss ChunPorn), that means I'm back into the gutter. Yes, that's very relevant, move on.

8. G-Dragon was wearing a jacket with taegeuk symbol on it. Knetizens are still mad about things. TOP wears hinomaru flag - they mop the floor with this, GD has korean flag - they mop the floor with this. actually that makes them pretty consistent, to tell the truth.

9. SM manager hits an overzealous fangirl teen in the face while EXO was passing by (old video but resurfaced now). I wrote about such issues and I don't pity the girl AT ALL. Here, sue me.
Fandoms pointing out that it happens only to SM artists. That's a fact, but - I'm sorry to break it to all - but only SM idols are popular enough to the point of raping them at the airport.
I want to quote one sane fan on one lj board, liaison_alley who wrote:

Weeeeee! Time to be the single dissenting opinion in the comments! Lol.

I have no sympathy. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I give zero fucks about this girl getting smacked in this situation.

You go to an airport with the express purpose of stalking a celebrity. You've got your camera going off and your screaming for your favorite oppa to give you the time of day. You're there forever, waiting, working hard to get to the front of the action. You push in, you scream at them, camera up, woooo, yeaaaahhh, treating my favorite oppa like a circus animal, woooooooooo! And you get smacked in the face 'cause the dude whose job it is to protect said oppa feels uneasy or threatened by the situation.

I don't fucking care.

She made a million terrible choices before she got hit. Ones that put herself, and the people around her, and the function of the airport at risk. You make choices like that, you take those risks, you contribute to other people being put in harm's way, you open yourself up to whatever tidal wave of shit might come your way. And every single person there for that purpose made that choice.

Fuck them. Seriously.

I'm glad there's a trigger warning on posts like this, not for the hitting, but for the pure chaotic, claustrophobic, hysteria that these swarms of stupid people cause. I could not care less what happens to them. I am so damned sick of seeing these airport mobs. THAT'S what I need a trigger warning for.

1. As was stated before, many big International airports might have private exits, but they are extremely exclusive and not available to some random Korean celebs.
2. Anyone who is pissed at the stars needs to think a little deeper about the situation. They're trained to keep their heads down, be expressionless, don't react, don't take gifts, etc, for the safety of everyone present. Imagine if one of them defended the girl against their manager, how many more girls would push boundaries to get the same kind of attention? They should NOT react. It's dangerous.
3. Where is this? China? This always happens in China, no matter the group. I genuinely don't think it's a media ploy. I think it's an insane lack of airport security.

 That's exactly my opinion. Hail the Shisus.