Friday, June 10, 2011

Drama Full Throttle

   Slowly catching up with all dramas (Twinkle Twinkle only lags behind, eh...) and I have to say - I have never had such season. Usually it was 2, 3 dramas at most at the same time. It's all their fault. You know, "THEY" are very powerful. And all dramas I watch I enjoy for different reasons. If I don't like, I drop it. I may come back to it if I decide that the price of dropping is too much to pay. As some of you may notice, I have "Drama List" on the sidebar, updated daily (if there are any changes), and since some of those entered in the half-stage, and some are heading to the end, I decided to write a bit about them.
I'm not going to change anybody's opinion, but after reading heated discussion on D-A, I realized how flock-thinking is useful for some people. I wrote about it few times - people en masse don't like to express their own opinion, but are content if they can sign under the one belonging to others. This way they incorporate meaningful and difficult words into their "own" opinion. Saying: 'Yes, I feel exactly the same' in a situation when hundred of people expressed the same before you, is easier than saying the opposite. Because when attacked - the weapon of your own thoughts should be used.
From the list only New Tales Of Gisaeng rules undisputedly, other dramas are in random order.

   New Tales Of Gisaeng captured my attention even before the airing. Reason? Two of them: hanboks and maedeup. Then I had 2 weeks late start, but from February onwards, I'm following this with beating heart. This is a family drama, this is why it's not to everybody's liking. For me, family dramas are even more alluring because they don't focus on settings, but on actions and people within those settings. In usual rom-coms much attention is focused on high-end interiors and fashion. But in the end - who cares? It's not the furniture that conveys the emotions, right (yes, The Table tried, tried and failed, mehehe, I'm such a bad girl)? It's not the fashion that counts.

   City Hunter - I started this only this week and I love it. First - forget about any manga/anime/whatever. This drama sets the standards for future dramas, me thinks. It is completely movie technique, not drama, including ADHD camera shots. We had the same way of shooting in Chuno last year, this is why the visuals in Chuno were stunning. Apart from brilliant shooting, we have great cast, and Lee Minho wasn't joking when saying he's working hard to improve, and this is visible. Still, he lacks in "bratty department", but I can forgive him that as long as "serious actors" are talking about him in a positive way and "want to stand along him during different events". Oh, this is a dream of some other 1987-born boy/gender confused, but... eh, nevermind. Also, there are some heavy parts in this drama blended with lighter moments with a great care.
And to those who find their joy in life in comparing, complaining and constipating - get a life. There was this work of literature written by Sei Shonagon in 11th century Japan called Pillow Book. There is this movie (1996) by Peter Greenaway called Pillow Book. What they have in common apart from the title? Well, Japanese characters at some point, I guess. So really, get a life.

   Miss Ripley. I'm only after 2 first episodes, started this for Yucheon and Kim Seongwu, but LDH is bearable. In fact, she's quite good. I hated her in Chuno, that's a fact, but even though I don't find her neither great actress nor extremely beautiful woman, it doesn't mean I can't judge her in a fair manner. So yes, she's good here. Drama, on the other hand, is a heavy one. Personally I didn't expect that. I thought it would be a usual rom-com, yes two male leads and one woman, blah blah... but it turned out - this is a dark relationship, shrouded in a web of lies, mistrust and betrayal. The reult can be only one - downfall. And this is obvious where all characters are heading. To me it looks like a story about moths - they are always drawn by the light of the candle, and they fly towards it with elation that ruins their survival instict.

   Lie To Me - a completely different view on lies. I think the whole drama is about being sincere and whether sincerity is useful or not. Jihwan and Eunhye chemistry is what keeps me watching it. Plus Manager Park, I seriously love that woman. The whole drama is based on cliches, and the visible end of it made some people out there tired. This drama doesn't change my life, that's for sure, it's not even staying on my HD, but it's not the point. As long as I have fun watching, I watch. I like the way characters change and behave, because the show shows some real behavior, even if dressed in cliche's outfit. So go ahead, drop it if you trust other people's opinions and not your own emotions. So go ahead, continue even if you end up watching it alone. But don't lie, and stay true to your heart (I've always wanted to say that, ahahaha!!).

   Greatest Love - basically all Hong sisters' nonsense and comedy. I dropped that after the first episode, but then I said to myself: "Are you going to forfeit Mr. Cha's screen time for a logic?" And the answer was simple - I'm continuing. His chemistry with Gong Hyeojin is not the same caliber as with Kim Suna, but really nice. And I'll be frank - I'm watching this solely for him. His overacting and over-the-top behavior is actually the only real part in this drama. Hong sisters don't include much logic and reality into their dramas, so if anyone wants some intellectual drama - please watch Goodbye Solo (which is also nice and has KNG). If you are looking for an entertainment only - watch it. Miss Ripley is a heavy one, so I need some light one for a good balance.

   Twinkle Twinkle - I'm stuck in the moment of changing the houses after the disclosure of hospital mistake. Turned out - Han Jeongwon and Hwang Geunran were switched in the hospital when they were born, and Geunran can do everything to claim back what "should be hers, and the life that she was robbed of". Again, a family drama, with nice characters and usual things that can happen to everyone. Well, having your uncle 30 years younger than you is maybe not that common afterall, but the similar situation was also in Family's Honor, keke...