Thursday, June 23, 2011

Immortal Song 2

   Funny enough, I like the show. Probably against my own wish. OK, I liked the show, mah baby left, and truthfully, I have no reason to watch. Still, a music show other than The Great Three on the weekends (Music Core, Music Bank and Inkigayo). I could never warm up to I'm a Singer, even though it features Yun Dohyeon and BMK. I loved Opera Star though.
Anyway, back to the topic - one song haunts me. Million White Roses. For me, an European girl, this song is more than known. One of the saddest songs ever. Unfortunately - it was written and performed in the language I hate - Russian. And no, don't try to force anything - I do hate the language. I don't find it beautiful, romantic, melodic or anything. I had to learn it for 6 years during my school days, and the happiest moment was the final classes. Since two forces were combined - Korean language and Jonghyeon talent - I simply couldn't resist. I re-discovered how great this song is.
And yes, I have no knowledge about technical things in singing, I just judge song by one thing - goosebumps. If I have them, that means a song has its effect.

종현(Jonghyeon) - One Million Roses

The boy has terrifying talent. Despite my all fangirling over him, I still can judge... oh my gods, again...