Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I'm scared a bit to write it here knowing that there is a person out there who shares my taste in music. That makes me shiver in awe. But anyway, I try to be more active again. I hope I sorted everything out and re-made my schedule so I can focus on everything I am supposed to focus. Well, finishing FH also helps. What a ride!
While I'm not here, try to listen to this weird, bizarre, great album. Tearliner, like most of my first music fascinations came with Coffee Prince marvelous OST. Pastel Music labeled, this unique project is worth listening to.
In 2004 Tearliner was formed as 6-member band but quickly was reduced to duo. The main axis of the band is Liner (Park Seonghun)
The album I'm talking about is Polaroid Life. It is one of the weirdest albums I have ever listened to. My favorite track on it is Surrealism. But I guess you will be addicted to this as much as I am.