Thursday, February 17, 2011

NNP - A reality


   Long time ago there was a boy... I mean, OK, I'm mean. So, after having few talks here and there, I decided to post this old news here. I hesitated, I laughed and I mocked but I decided to do it anyway. On my worst sober mood.
Kimi wa petto is one of my favorite j-dramas (thank you, unni^^), not counting the other two, ekhem, I'm biased and limited, I know, *shrugs*. Anyway, after few dry months, I think I will indulge myself now, in the times to come, in some venomous baths. Because after many rumors, and line up of actresses who were "sure candidate" to the role of Sumire, it came down to Kim Haneul. Perhaps agency has some dirt on her, I don't know, maybe she was temporary insane when she signed the deal. I don't know, it's one of the biggest mysteries in 2011.
   But see, the thing is, they have to cast now a male lead to this movie. They have two female leads now, and I seriously have no idea how they are going to sort things out. Will it be the first yuri movie in Korean cinema?  For demographic consisting of ajummas and 14-years-olds? If so, well, chapeaux bas! The filming will begin in May, and soon we should see first stills.

Why am I even writing this? Oh, this is a good question. Have no idea, maybe it's because I'm all constructed with razors instead of bones and there is a poison in my veins, so JGS and all those hybrids like him may sing along:

Your cruel device
Your blood, like ice
One look could kill
My pain, your thrill 

Because yes, I have lots of fun seeing his decline. 

Btw. long time ago, I also wrote my version of Kimi wa petto, in case screenwriters run out of ideas. No credits needed:

All cats of the world - forgive me.

And de-stress: