Monday, February 21, 2011

More music ~.~

Espresso is known, as lot of other smooth indie, soul bands, from Coffee Prince. There are days I like them, and there are days I can't stand them. The same relationship I have with 4 Men.

Some time ago I presented one MV of Flower, and here, the album. Can't say it swept me off my feet, and I heard better songs from them.
Love Market - Strawberry Flavor Aspirin. Sweet. The first song is sickeningly sweet, the second one a bit better, but is shows a different side to K-indie.
Sign OST - 4 songs (2 highly orchestral ones), and I must say this drama has one good music.
Espresso - Ah well, there is one song that really caught my ear (끝 인사).

Sign OST
Love Market