Thursday, February 24, 2011

JYJ: Oh, happy day!

  The battle is not over yet, but one of the hindrances has been taken care of. Oh, a heavy lift off my chest. On February 21st. Seoul Court stated that SM Ent. hampering JYJ's activities was against the law. For those who are not familiar: in October SME demanded from broadcast stations to not show any JYJ performances, moreover, they demanded from music stores to not sell JYJ's first album. I believe visa chaos last year in US was also their doing. Today, on February 24th, court ordered SME to pay compensation 2000만원 (20 million Won) for every obstruction they caused.
Source: Nate
As I said, it's not the end though. But really good news.

Plus, JYJ will hold a fanmeeting on March 12 (White Day^^), and what's more: look here.