Friday, February 11, 2011

Park Yucheon and Marines

On some show today ( 110211 mbn 12시반에 나온 연예매거진vip 올려주세요) he was asked if he thought about enlisting in the military, specifically - Marines, "just like Hyeon Bin" (현빈처럼). And the answer was "No". (Nate)
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Not that I have something against Hyeon Bin, but let's not make a big halo around his enlistment. Ju Jihun was also accepted to Marines without making much fuss over it. And the more I read and see about Binnie, the more I grow cold. I'm afraid to open my fridge cause he might be there. I know it's all about Secret Garden and its success, but I don't feel OK with that. My personal feelings, I know there are some fans who have not enough of "the dimples" and wished there was more of them. And now two more movies with Binnie ahead of us, that means - Hyeon Bin socks, just like Oska ones. Oh, btw. a real Oska socks can be bought via YesAsia.
Below few more pics of this charming boy. On one - with his little brother.

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