Saturday, August 28, 2010

SEOUL DRAMA Awards 2010: update

And we are back to the place we left. The voting is now over, and sadly, Lee Seung Ki has greatly over 20 thousands of votes. probably from Chinese viewers and fans. Not that I'm this clever, I just read about almost the hysteria on My Girlfriend is Gumiho, so naturally, everything will follow. Eh, Namgil-nim...

The Seoul International Drama Festival will be held from Sept. 1 to 10 and the final award ceremony will take place at KBS Hall, September 10th, and will be broadcasted live on MBC. If anyone captures this, you will get it the moment I get it. But with MBC, you can watch it streaming.
Chuno and Queen Seondeok were chosen as the representatives of Korean Wave (hallyu), as well as IRIS, and their stars, respectively Jang Hyuk (assa!), Ko Hyeon Jeong, Lee Byeong Heon.
A total of 172 dramas from 43 countries submitted their entries to this year's SDA, the largest to date.
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